LeBron James Taking The NBA Down With Him

By Matt February 17, 2015 @ 6:34 AM

LeBron James and Kevin Hart hosted the NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show over All Star Weekend, where players competed for an award for being Best Dressed. This was widely considered an embarrassment to the NBA and the male race as well by everyone except those involved including those of us within ear shot, or close to a muted TV in a sports bar that didn’t know better. I get it, you guys are into fashion. I’m a fan of making sketches while birding in my neighbor’s sanctuary but I don’t make it known because it would make me look like a pussy. Of all the arenas in which one could take pleasure such as cinema, the cosmos, archaeology or the quest to break the land speed record, you’re interested in different kinds of shirts and pants. That means you’re super fucking dull if not easily entertained to the point of being dense. Which is fine. Nine year old girls aren’t out solving the traffic grid. We also aren’t televising the tea parties they hold with stuffed animals under the kitchen table. Stop encouraging these fuckers. They currently lack perspective. Some day LeBron will look back on this and cringe while getting his balls licked on a custom armoire.

NBA Gives Donald Sterling the Death Penalty

By Lex April 29, 2014 @ 3:29 PM

In what will be thoughtlessly lauded as a brave and precedent setting move, the comic book villainlooking new NBA commissioner gave Donald Sterling the Pete Rose styled lifetime ban from the NBA, fined him a shit ton of cash, and with what will surely be a soon to come 3/4 vote of the owners, force Donald Sterling to sell his franchise to the highest bidder. And for what? Because his hooker illegally taped him saying dumb racist shit? He’s guilty of being an ignorant crusty old asshole. He’s not guilty of a crime. He’s not even been found guilty of racial discrimination in regard to his NBA franchise which employees a black head coach, not so common in professional sports. Donald Sterling has been an asshole and blight on the NBA for over three decades while they did absolutely nothing. The NAACP was just about to give him a lifetime achievement award this week in Los Angeles because everybody plays the fucking money game. Sure, saying you don’t want your hooker to associate with black men in public means you’re a giant cunt head. Are we now going to denounce and take away franchises from every cunt head owner in sports? I’d sure like to, but that’s a long list. Are we going to give the league’s death penalty to every old white dude saying ignorant racist shit in private to their young whores? This probably means more dead hookers. Adam Silver and the NBA’s response is geared entirely toward the media firestorm and sponsors threatening to pull out and to making Magic Johnson whole again. Magic already praised the NBA’s decision and declared it okay for black people to play basketball again. Oh, and to take big paychecks from known racists. America has nothing to feel proud about today. Gambling in Casablanca? No fucking way.

why even pretend, Kanye?

By brendon May 14, 2012 @ 9:44 AM


Some girls might be upset if there were pictures of their date pretending to listen to their dumb conversation but actually staring at their tits, but luckily for Kanye he dates Kim Kardashian, and any Hollywood starlet whose IMDb page includes a movie where she sucked off Ray-J five times is gonna be pretty tough to offend.

(image source of kanye and kim at staples saturday night to watch the lakers close out the nuggets in the first round of the nba playoffs = splash)