Heidi Klum Mom of Four Tits Impressive

Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon went to the Drake concert together. Heidi wore a dress that showed off her braless tits. Nick Cannon wore a tank top and his grandmother's antebellum black hair wrap. read more

Nick Cannon Renaissance Man

Nick Cannonposted an Instagram shot of his shoe closet in response to Chris Brown having shown off his super interesting closet weeks prior.This is like an old fashioned duel, if the guys were pansies more into fashionthan pistols. Dudes used to care about whiskey and... read more

Nick Cannon Seems Fortunate

It's unclear what Nick Cannon does well outside of boning the right women. That might just be enough in this age of gender equality. Nick Cannon is currently nailing Jessica White, the SI model with nice yabbos. Cannon has publicly denied he's seeing anybody, because his... read more

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose Working Magic

The island of misfit toys production of dumped spouses with very hidden talents had Nick Cannon DJing at a nightclub in Las Vegas with Amber Rose at his side. The two discussed the tribulations of being ass puppets for more successful partners and how far buffed body... read more

Nick Cannon Lets Shoes Do The Talking

Nick Cannon is rocking a pair of $2million dollar diamond studded shoes on America's Got Talent, because aside from talent, America's also got serious issues with consumerism. This stunt gives your average low physical activity viewer a chance to marvel at how truly... read more

Nick Cannon Is Still Bragging About Kim Kardashian

"Whiteface" pioneer Nick Cannon went on the Howard Stern show yesterday to talk about the nonstop shitstorm that he's been brewing for himself, starting with his idiotic whiteface routine and leading up to his list of famous sexual conquests. Despite being married to ... read more

Nick Cannon Knows Humor

Nick Cannon provided fodder for people who like to talk about anything to do with race because mimicking decades old, retread social commentary is their comfort zone. Nick donned white face for a fictional character he created called Connor Smallnut, because the first... read more

Mariah Carey Got The Good Painkillers (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey had to take an unexpected trip to the hospital last week after she fell over during the filming of the music video for her latest single "#Beautiful" (hashtag intended because she's so hip) and injured her shoulder. Of the injury, Mariah's personal assistant... read more

Mariah Carey spent Valentines Day on twitter

If there was any doubt that Mariah Carey was gonna be on her twitter all last night to document that her Valentines Day was more fantastic than yours, than I guess you've never heard of Mariah Carey because of course she did that. Though to be honest it looked kinda... read more

Nick Cannon quit his radio show

Nick Cannon was hospitalized for the third time in three months over the weekend (the first two times for kidney failure, this time for blood clots) and today announced he will quit his weekday morning radio show. He is expected to remain as host of 'America's Got... read more

Nick Cannon is in the hospital

Mariah Carey went on her twitter page this morning and posted a picture of her and her husband Nick Cannon in a hospital bed in Aspen as he recovers from a mild kidney failure. She explained more over on her blog: "We're trying to be as festive as possible under the... read more

Mariah Carey is still under investigation by child welfare

Last Thursday, Nick Canon told Piers Morgan that he and Mariah Carey were visited by child protective services because someone told them that Mariah was drinking while breast feeding their new twins. The truth is she wasn't, Mariah did nothing wrong, and this simple... read more