Richie Sambora Knows a Bargain

By Lex February 03, 2015 @ 9:21 AM

Nikki Lund And Richie Sambora Check Out Their New Store Front For Nikki Rich
Richie Sambora’s young girlfriend has been going around the lesser media circuits talking about how nice Richie’s dick is. That’s solid press f you can get it. In turn, Richie’s leasing her a brick and mortar store to sell her Nikki Rich line of clothing that finally fuses music and art into fashion. I’ve always felt that’s been missing from my clothes. It seems destined to fail, but what’s a few Bon Jovi residual dollars against a blond chick with big tits telling everybody you’re an incredible cocksmith in your late 50′s. Dumb guys just buy cars.

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Nikki Lund Wears A Bikini With Her Friend

By Lex September 19, 2014 @ 9:33 AM

Nikki Lund Wears A Bikini While Playing With Friend In Malibu
Here’s the plan. First, you take pictures of my tits. Then I take pictures of yours. But you need to giggle more and make goofy faces so people don’t notice you’re poor and can’t afford fake tits. Holy christ, look how hot my ass looks when I dislocate my hips. Shoot me, dammit! Selfie sisters forever!

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Nikki Rich Finally Launches

By Lex May 06, 2014 @ 4:42 PM

Nikki Lund Works Out In Spandex Shorts In Calabassas
Ever since Chess King closed its doors, it’s been a real hassle looking like an outdated rock fan. Thanks to the genius mind of Richie Sambora, and his classically trained design partner, Nikki Lund (ass seen above), you’ll soon be treated to such culturally cutting edge fashion classics as Richie Sambora on a t-shirt, clingy Spandex skirts, and awesome looking rocker girl tops reminiscent of all the girls Richie banged backstage after concerts. You’re certain to be the hit of your polyamorous romance book club. Whose fat husband isn’t going to try and finger you silly while Pantera rages on the boombox. Nikki has been doing a lot of public workouts in the months leading up to her big ambiguously defined product launch. It’s important for fashion designers to look their best when that big moment arrives, the boat from Myanmar docks in San Pedro, and the shmata is gently tossed onto the dock pavement.  A cultural revolution is about to ensue. Like most revolutions, it will happen without a shot being fired, or even a single purchase.

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Nikki Lund And Nikki Leigh Take Their Workouts Seriously

By Lex April 17, 2014 @ 12:37 PM

Nikki Lund And Nikki Leigh Show Off Their Cleavage Working Out In Indian Wells
One of these mega-yammed bleached blond Nikkis is a Playboy model and the other is currently designing a line of leopard skin pants with Richie Sambora. I could look it up and figure out which one is which, but that would break our implied social contract. We pretend that we stumbled upon these two fun-sized lasses working the 3-lb dumbbells in their backyard. They pretend they don’t know there’s a cameraman snapping digitals down their tops. And we all agree not to mention the phrase, all-day masturbation candy. It’s a tripwire type deal. But nary a missile was fired in four decades of Cold War. That shit works.

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