Joanna Krupa Braless And Wise

October 1, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Joanna Krupa was the sole female celebrity who made the hacker list last month to say, fuck it, if it comes out it comes out. Everybody just needs to chill. It’s not like we all haven’t been naked in... READ MORE

Jennifer Aniston Goes Braless On Set

July 24, 2013 | Photos | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Jennifer Aniston is making another movie. She makes a lot of movies. I think she must be really nice or she has dirt on important people or something because she’s not particularly good or memorable in any and they... READ MORE

Jessica Hart is Braless

May 31, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

I don’t want to live in a braless world. I want to live in a world where I decide who gets to wear bras and who doesn’t. The liberty to forgo undergarments in public is too powerful a choice... READ MORE

Lisa Rinna Turning 50 (or 37 on the Plastic Surgery Index)

March 9, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Has it really been twenty years since Lisa Rinna was on all those shows that I never watched? You couldn’t tell from looking at her that she’s turning 50 in a couple months. Even those brand new nipples on... READ MORE


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