Tim Tebow Spares the Rod

Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo says she's breaking up with Tim Tebow because he won't plow her like a good man should. This despite Tebow being the world's most famous no-sex-before-marriage disciple. That and he likes to spend Sunday with his mom are clearly right there on the bold face disclaimer. Still, hot chicksaren't used to coming in second, even to Jesus. I spoke to a friend's grandfather who got married at...

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Olivia Culpo Topless For Treats!

Olivia Culpo was the last Miss USA winner to mean anything since Trump glued on his hair and declared he hated Mexicans and soiledall that isspecial. Coming off a solid year as beard for Nick Jonas, Culpo has rotated 180 by stripping naked for a photoshoot that is only almost ruined by a dude sprayed down with sweaty glitter. Sometimes you do need a theme to convince a girl this isn't just about seeing her tits. He's...read more

Nick Jonas' Miss America Girlfriend Means He Can't Be Gay

Men who love cock like ISIS loves beheadings are accusing the prettiest Jonas brother of gay baiting by ripping off his shirt and flashing his six pack at gay bars, singing in Broadway musicals, all the while secretly loving the pussy of his Miss America girlfriend. It's called a Jackman in street parlance. Nick Jonas denies the cockteasing charges. He claims hitting the Village bars has all merely been a planned...

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Finally, I'm Paying Attention to The Great Gatsby

Officially, every movie has to be in 3D now. It's the Hollywood law of sucky films. Even 1920's bromance tragedies, or comedies, I can't remember the book that well or much from high school except Don't Use the Second Floor Boy's Room and JayJay sells the crack weed. But I'm pretty sure this whole 'another Gatsby' spectacle is going to be a horrible waste of time. Except for the cool ENT disease you can pick up from...

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Miss Rhode Island is the 2012 Miss Universe

Olivia Culpo, a 20-year-old sophomore at Boston University and current Miss Rhode Island, became the first American in 15 years to win the Miss Universe pageant last night, when she... uh... won the Miss Universe pageant. And of course she won. Look at the neckline on her gown, or on this costume that would be kinda patronizing if a foreigner was wearing it. This girl gets it. I know what people like, and what they...read more