Chloe Lattanzi Looks Differerent

Chloe Lattanzi is Olivia Newton John's daughter by her husband not the one who disappeared off of a fishing boat only to be found a decade later in Mexico playing tennis with El Chapo. Lattanzi has been forced to defend her new giants tits and big blond hair look on social media after she showed up to her mom's Xanadu anniversary party looking like a moderately successful Cuervo shots girl. And by forced to defend, more

John Travolta sings with Olivia Newton John, isnt gay at all

Olivia Newton-John, well, is alive, for one, so the surprises are all downhill from here, but has a Christmas album coming out, and today she released the first video, a duet with John Travolta. And if dancing with his ‘Grease' co-star was supposed to make him look less gay, it did not work. At all. He looks gayer than ever. This is as gay as any man can look without a penis in his mouth. read more