Chloe Lattanzi Looks Differerent

By Lex August 12, 2015 @ 12:44 PM

Chloe Lattanzi Debuts New Look At The Anniversary Of "Xanadu"
Chloe Lattanzi is Olivia Newton John’s daughter by her husband not the one who disappeared off of a fishing boat only to be found a decade later in Mexico playing tennis with El Chapo. Lattanzi has been forced to defend her new giants tits and big blond hair look on social media after she showed up to her mom’s Xanadu anniversary party looking like a moderately successful Cuervo shots girl. And by forced to defend, I mean, she’s got nothing better to do:

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who shows me love and kindness … Got my first negative comment calling me a trashy no talent slut. And I almost forgot that there are really weird hateful people out there! So girls with big boobs big lips and short skirts [you’re a] sexy bombshell!!! Not a slut! And dey all just jealous. We 2 busy making moves to hate! Weirdos got to much free time! I love and support you all! And value your talents beauty and dreams!

None of that actually makes sense, save for the part where she slips into ebonics. That’s become some kind of zeitgeist among the super white trying to sell records. Lattanzi is 29 and a self-described budding pop-star. I’d say you can’t really bud at 29, but her five sizes larger tits than just a year ago would negate my argument. I remember a simpler time when girls got big fake yabbos and bleached their hair and put on miniskirts and didn’t need to pretend they were ’2 busy making moves’ other than looking for a rich husband because even mom was never that much of a talented singer. Social media has given everybody way too much hope of legitimacy. You can never go home again. Not in fuck me pumps.

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John Travolta sings with Olivia Newton John, isnt gay at all

By brendon December 05, 2012 @ 3:02 PM


Olivia Newton-John, well, is alive, for one, so the surprises are all downhill from here, but has a Christmas album coming out, and today she released the first video, a duet with John Travolta. And if dancing with his ‘Grease’ co-star was supposed to make him look less gay, it did not work. At all. He looks gayer than ever. This is as gay as any man can look without a penis in his mouth.

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