Weiner Chief Spokeswoman Calls Staff Intern a ‘Fucking Slutbag’

By Lex August 01, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

Olivia Nuzzi's Facebook Photos
It’s a really bad idea to hire good looking young female interns. The shit going to hell factor with hot young interns is about 94%. All the men get stupid around them. All the women get jealous. And the little foxes have ambitions of their own. Like Olivia Nuzzi who worked for but a few weeks on the flailing Anthony Weiner mayoral campaign. After her brief stint pulling the Weiner train, she went on to do a tell-all interview that included shit like everybody was only working for Weiner to get in good with the expected Hilary Clinton upcoming campaign and Weiner thought it was funny to call all the female interns ‘Monica’. That pissed off Barbara Morgan, Weiner’s spokesperson and chief catty bitch who ranted on about how Nuzzi was just a little fucking slutbag and a cunt and a twat. That’s the type of salty language that would make even her boss Carlos Danger blush. Morgan said she thought her comments were off the record, which I guess is a free pass for calling your female intern a cunt. Then Morgan called Olivia to apologize, did a few lame stunt mea culpas on Twitter, and the entire thing was quickly forgotten. I mean, minus whatever the bribe was it took to shut Nuzzi up evermore.

More importantly than petty people having petty slutbag fights, Olivia Nuzzi is pretty hot. There is none chance she doesn’t surface again some time soon in a new media format.

Photo Credit: Olivia Nuzzi/Twitter