Pam Anderson Still Kicking

By Matt August 17, 2015 @ 8:08 AM


I jerked off to this chick in high school. I’m now 78 years old. Pamela Anderson is the trophy wife you wish you’d divorced. And then remarried and divorced again just to cum on her numb tits while she showed all the emotion of a car getting a wax. Anderson is a big PETA supporter. I wonder where they test hep C drugs. Probably just on the carpet. Marrying Tommy Lee and the Paris Hilton fuck tape trust fund guy was a good move in retrospect. Most people try. You just said fuck it. Did that goat just eat you out or was it the other lesbian? Sorry, it’s a horse.

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Pamela Anderson Royally Tapped

By Lex June 22, 2015 @ 12:48 PM

Pamela Anderson was bestowed the title of Countess of Giglio by a prince from Montenegro even though nobody is sure Montenegro is a real place and even those who do are pretty sure they have no royal family. It’s possible this was an elaborate cosplay arranged for on Craigslist Former Yugoslavia. He did wear a tuxedo so it seemed pretty official. The pretense of the honor was Anderson’s work saving marine life, which boils down to her being too broke ass to afford Red Lobster. Anderson’s two teenaged sons were there and also knighted which makes the story particularly icky. Though there’s got to be an age when you learn how your parents are paying for your shit. I dub thee Lady Jugs. Call me, Your Highness and pretend you’re my sister when I’m ready to blow. Yes, these coins with my face on it are legal tender.

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Pamela Anderson Seems Concerned

By Lex May 21, 2015 @ 8:13 AM

Pamela Anderson Showers For Peta
The wide eyed animal lovers at PETA are pushing a line that cows are water hugging motherfuckers who will be the parched death of us all. I don’t know if that’s true. I feel confident I could take out a cow if it came down to me versus bovine for the final watering hole. During Gore’s global warming stampede PETA was buying ads to remind people that cow farts were cooking the planet and asphyxiating disabled children who sing hymnals from their attic windows. For an animal they seem hell bent on saving, PETA sure does have a poor opinion of cows. I’m a burger lover and I’ve never said a bad word about Guernseys in my life. Shower all you want, you will never be clean.

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Pamela Anderson Still Trying

By Lex May 08, 2015 @ 12:26 PM

Pamela Anderson Out With Chuck Zito

Four times divorced and drunk-ass broke single mom only begins to describe the highlight of Pamela Anderson’s profile. There’s the tits. You know those are comp as part of the package. Anderson is currently flipping through her Rolodex of former older dudes she used to bang hoping they remember her in better days or maybe just don’t remember much at all. You’re scrolling down pretty deep when Chuck Zito’s ticket comes up. Strap on that sheer dress, throw back the rubbing alcohol your sobriety supervisor failed to confiscate in her last sweep of your home, and dine like royalty. You were once a queen. Just like New York cabbies all used to be doctors. Never Neverland is as real as you want it to be, Wendy.

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Pamela Anderson’s Son Serves Her Well

By Lex March 13, 2015 @ 10:42 AM

Pamela Anderson Busty Uneven Chest At The Premiere Of The Gunman
Pamela Anderson brought a young man out to the Gunman premiere and told everybody it was her son. It seemed relatively plausible. The kid worked the party with snippets of his mom’s sex tape on his iPad and politely asked all the older rich guys if they wanted to be his new daddy. Pam mainlined so much Botox into her temple that the right hemisphere of her body collapsed ten centimeters, from her eyelid down to her right tit. Pacquiao could have given her three lefts to the body and she’d have only noticed from the backwash of Jager streaming back out of her liver. Everybody gushed over Pam’s son since they hadn’t seen him since he was just a toddler. Neither had Pam, but again, not able to gush.

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Pamela Anderson Going for the Gold

By Lex February 20, 2015 @ 11:23 AM

Pamela Anderson Wears A See Through Button Up Shirt While Out In LA
Seeing as how Pamela Anderson is financially triangulated somewhere between flat broke, dead broke, and, you’ll really give me $50 if I tug on that moose’s dick til it cums?, her soon to be ex husband is trying to get out ahead of spousal support requests. Rick Salomon hasn’t really worked a day since he pushed his way out of his mother’s vagina, but it turns out the man knows how to play Hold ‘Em. To the tune of many millions of dollars in gambling earns. The saving grace of fat lazy men who don’t shave. Salomon’s lawyer is asking for an annulment to the marriage, claiming his client was tricked into the nuptials. Considering you’re a savvy card player and this isn’t even the first time you’ve married Anderson, that seems like a stretch. If the judge accepts ‘I was wasted off my ass and she was reverse cowgirling my cock and asking me to sign my name on some paper duct taped to her back’, he might have a thing. But most likely that thing is you’re now paying Pam Anderson’s Malibu rent money. Congratulations. Next time stick to Vegas hookers, they understand the arrangement.

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