Porsche Settles In Paul Walker Death

We live in a world with Tupac holograms and dying mid movie won’t put a halt on a million dollar investment. Everyone in entertainment is coming back from the dead. Killed in car accident? Walk that shit off, we have a movie to finish.  read more

Michelle Rodriguez Tripping

Ayahuasca is a brew of hallucinogenic plants drunk by the indigenous people of Peru in spiritual rituals. As with everything else once sacred to loin cloth wearing natives, rich people stole it and turned it into a New Age product for sale on celebrity luxury merchandise... read more

Paul Walker's Daughter Is Doing Fine

Posting a bikini picture of yourself on Instagram is the international sign for 'I'm doing better'. Demi Lovato did it after rehab for drugs and cutting and having sex with Wilmer Walderrama, in that increasingly disturbing order. Britney Spears did it after dropping... read more

Paris Hilton Misses Paul Walker More Than You

Paris Hilton once imagined her drug dealer was Paul Walker while she threw him a short-on-cash bone, so don't tell her she's not feeling as crushed as Tyrese Gibson or Paul Walker's kid or NBC/Universal this week. When an airplane banner flew over the Paul Walker... read more

Paul Walker Had a Young Girlfriend, Really Young

Now that TMZ has broken the cause of Paul Walker's death as body trauma and burns (but imagine it in all caps with an exclamation point), there's little mystery left to this Hollywood actor-died-too-young tragedy. Except for the first public appearance of his young... read more

Everybody Loves a Dead Paul Walker

You're cursed if you weren't lucky enough to die before the social media age. Not only are your loved ones going to find out about your demise through a Seth Green tweet, but you're going to have tons of people you barely knew trying to outdo one another on who loved you... read more

paul walker is cool

Paul Walker has always kept a low profile in Hollywood, and has openly made fun of attention whores like Lindsay, and maybe that’s because he’s cool, or maybe it's because he didn’t want people to know he was dating an underage minor.  Star has learned exclusively, the... read more


Fast & Furious You know those fully loaded gasoline land trains you always see? Yeah me neither. But apparently the street value of one of those is 1.4 million dollars. I was surprised. The kids are doing so much gasoline on the street these days, the market for... read more