Paulina Slagter In A Bikini

I think I might be falling in love with Ryan Phillippe's new girlfriend. She has everything I could possibly ever want in a woman. Boobs, a reasoned belief that exposure to the sun will almost certainly kill her by 25, and she digs older men with weaves. She's been Phillippe approved. That's good enough for me. How do I get started here? Photo Credit: FameFlynetread more

Paulina Slagter In A Black Bikini

That's Ryan Phillippe's new fiance. She's a Stanford Law student, so she's young and smart and about to make a bunch of her own bread. She's also got a great bikini body and was born with a backup vagina she'll let you use when the first one just wants to go to sleep after finals. She seems perfect. At least as perfect as the last two girls Ryan made kids with before it turned to shit. Not everybody is good more