Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu Ass-Lax In Bikinis

I refuse to generalize about foreign lands, but it's fair to say that everyone in Argentina is either an aging Nazi war criminal or a hot young woman with a large unctuous ass. I'm sure there's a few other people milling about that don't fit either group. Like the gauchos, soccer players, and high energy TV dance show hosts. Every country is unique in its own way, though similar in the fact that all their hot women...read more

Karina Jelinek And Paz Cornu In Thong Bikinis

It used to be that when Argentineans fled to Miami, there was some kind of Nazi manhunt underway. Now it's just swimsuit models with sweet asses in thongs on the beach. I'm not implying that's worse, just less interesting. If you dislike sun-soaked vagina. Photo Credit: Splashread more