Perez Hilton Is America

Perez Hilton has a new reality show creatively called Gay Dads of New York. It's being produced by the same people who make Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so you know it's going to be completely unscripted and not the least bit trumped up creepy. The show is going to... read more

Perez Hilton Continues Bitchy Feud With Lady Gaga

Penis drawing blogger Perez Hilton escalated his feud with fellow drag queen Lady Gaga on the Wendy Williams show this week. Hilton has been waging a bitchy slap fight with Gaga for over a year. The thing is that no one knows why. They used to be BFF's, hanging out... read more

No One Shows Up To Perez Hilton's Pre-VMA Party

A somewhat somber group of mostly itinerant hispters spread out around the lightly populated stage at Perez Hilton's pre-VMA party. Many attributed the lack of attendance to the ongoing feud between the blogger and Lady Gaga, wherein the latter accused the former of... read more

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton Having the Bitch Fight to End All Bitch Fights

Nobody knows how the war began, just that it's been bloody. Well, not exactly bloody, but lame and retarded and taking place on social media, naturally. Apparently it all began early this year when Lady Gaga got a hip pointer injury from trying to go down on multiple... read more

Perez Hilton Birthed a Baby

I remember my sixth grade sex-ed teacher Mr. Crowley threatening the shit out of us boys for snickering when he coldly stated that babies come from men sticking their penises in women's vaginas. I can only imagine the uproar if he announced that babies come from plugging... read more

'Fear Factor' will be serving donkey semen

The middle, "disgusting food or drink" segment on this Mondays 'Fear Factor' will have the contestants drinking glasses of donkey semen, and NBC is so upset they threatened to stop the show. Well, actually the show was filmed over the summer. It's not like it's live.... read more

Perez Hilton should get punched in the face again

This weeks People magazine cover story is about cyber-bullying and Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide after his roommate streamed video from a hidden webcam showing Clementi making out with another guy. Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Tim... read more