Kourtney And Khloe Kardashian Ruin Gigi Hadid’s 21st

April 29, 2016 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

There's some age at which going to a birthday party when you're fifteen years older than the birthday girl is deemed inappropriate. Like 8 and 23. You'll get looks when you're trying to fit into the little tea party... READ MORE

Kim Kardashian Has an Answer For Everything

April 29, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

You thought Kim Kardashian shared photos of her tits and tongue because she's an attention machine whose brand of feminism calls for commercializing her gross level fuckability. You're only mostly right. Kardashian posted a ton of black and white... READ MORE

Sandra Kubicka in A Bikini

April 29, 2016 | bikini | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Miami seems like the very last place you'd want to go if you're an international model looking to get noticed. It's swarming with competition. You're from Gdansk and God gave you perfect skin and tits? Outstanding. Go stand... READ MORE

Ellie Goulding in A Bikini

April 28, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

There's some kind of international convention that's supposed to prevent British chicks from visiting the beach. By extension it's why you don't see chicks with jugs on their head loading up drinking water in the scuba pool at Sandals.... READ MORE

Hailey Baldwin Tit Cupped

April 28, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Hailey Baldwin had cup therapy on her chest to heal her broken heart from her split with Justin Bieber. Numerous celebrities have taken up the ancient Chinese art of suction cup medicine because buttered coffee was making their urine... READ MORE


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