Prince Jackson Seems Normal

By Lex April 11, 2014 @ 2:14 PM

Prince Jackson Holds Hands With His Girlfriend Nikita Bess In Beverly Hills
The human fallout from Neverland Ranch rivals that of Fukushima, only Japanese people with glowing tumors at least have a medical fighting chance. The kids who swung the pedophile play structure at Michael Jackson’s private retreat for pubescent exploration are never to be cured. Even McCauley Caulkin who didn’t get finger shtupped never quite got over being left out of the Jesus Juice games. Prince Jackson seems kind of normal. He’s the oldest of Michael’s three kids, along with daughter Paris and however you would gender define Blanket. Prince seems to be the lone survivor. He’s kind of a normal teen who likes to take his pudgy girlfriend to the movies or to the mall. His bio mom Debbie Rowe is trying to get custody of Prince, along with Paris and the aforementioned amphibious-appendaged Blanket even though it came out of a different test tube than her two bio kids. The former dental assistant has an inkling that the Jackson family is a fucked up group of soul and cash sucking fiends and even though she was never supposed to be a parent to the kids, now she wants to rescue them. Especially from Jermaine who she says is super creepy. When a woman says a man is super creepy in regard to children, that’s a polite way of saying she thinks he diddles kids. But expect that not shocking Jackson family revelation to only come out if the custody hearing gets nasty. It’s been months since we had a good Jackson family trial. I’m ready.

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joe jackson might be the devil

By brendon February 01, 2010 @ 5:24 PM


Prince Jackson and sexy Austin Powers his sister Paris were forced on stage last night at the Staples Center in LA to accept a Grammy for their dad Michael, their first public appearance since his televised funeral in June. Which, by the way, was also held on that same stage at the Staples Center.

Now we can go back and forth all day as to whether you should push a 12-year-old boy in front of millions and have him relive his dads very recent funeral, but that would lead us nowhere. Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. Ripping apart a child’s open wounds wasn’t the important thing about last night. I think we can all agree that the important thing was the chance to rehabilitate Joe Jacksons reputation. The Hollywood Reporter says…

(Michaels) kids, Prince and Paris, whom he draped in bee keeper’s hats and masks to keep them out of the public, took center stage and accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards.
Yes, they were poised and articulate. But their remarks were scripted. And when Prince Michael spoke, it was worth examining what he said. He acknowledged both his “grandma” — Katherine Jackson, his legal guardian — and his “grandpa,” Joe Jackson, whom Michael hated. Joe Jackson is currently suing Michael’s estate to get a $20,000-per-month allowance. Michael would have returned to being black before he would have let his kids have anything to do with Joe Jackson. Praising him in public? Never. And poor Prince didn’t realize he was shilling for his “grandpa.” That part was sad.

So Joes plan to convince the world that he’s not a monster who uses kids was to take some kids and bombard them with video and thoughts of their dead dad, so that they could publicly thank Joe. Holy shit. This guy might as well pull mice out of a cage and swallow them whole he’s so creepy. The only way this could get any worse is if he hired a Michael impersonator to whisper into their ear at night about how great Joe is.