Gene Simmons Calls Dead Prince a Pussy

Gene Simmons consumes media attention as Rebel Wilson to chocolate covered name anything. The former KISS guitarist and founding member took a pot shot at dead Prince calling him pathetic for presumably croaking in his 50's from a Percocet overdose.

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Mariah Carey Purple Mountains Majesty

Mariah Carey's lip-synch and girdle tour has reached South Africa. It's spreading in reverse order of your more common pandemics. The singer is making waves for demanding that the scenic backdrop for her concert performance in Cape Town be lit up in purple to honor Prince and his prescription painkiller overdose.

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Mariah Carey One of Prince's Many Dear Friends

Genius, legend, inspiration, friend. The world will miss you. I'll never get over it. For a recluse, Prince had a shitload of really dearfriends. All torn to piece pieces and unable to form sentences. If you've ever been auto-tuned to a Dr. Luke simplistic bridge, Prince wasyour brother and best friend. Like Mariah Carey and her nipples in Paris. You wouldn't have known the extent of Prince's massive circle more

Prince Is Dead Too

The artist known as Prince is dead. Early reports are he was suffering from flu like symptom which means The AIDS or another immune deficiency complication because people in their 50's in Minnesota don't die from the flu. Not in the Spring. Unlike almost every single pop music star ever, Prince was a supremely talented musician, songwriter, and performer. He was a scrawny fey black dude who could shtup any woman he...

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Prince Gets Meta On His New Album Cover

Prince's new album cover for "Breakfast Can Wait" isn't a picture of the real prince, it's Dave Chappelle. The picture is a screengrab from a classic sketch on Chappelle Show in which Charlie Murphy tells the tale of playing basketball with Prince...and losing. Then Prince made them pancakes. This was back before Chappelle went fucking nuts and flew to Africa to find himself or some shit. It's an interesting choice...

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Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off stage (not literally)

Kim Kardashian and her lover Kris Humphries went to see Prince last night in New York, when suddenly she was pulled on stage to dance with him!!! And then she was promptly kicked off stage because she basically just stood there. E! says... (Prince invited Kim) onstage during his show tonight at Madison Square Garden, but gave her the high-heeled boot when she was initially too fazed to get funky. Or maybe he was...

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I’ve been trying for like 20 hours to find a decent copy of Prince at Coachella doing a cover of "Creep" by Radiohead, but it's impossible because Prince is a temperamental fairy and he told his record label to remove every copy they find, even though he didn’t shoot the video and he very obviously doesn’t own the song. The Huff Post says… After word spread that Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella, the...

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