Ray Lewis Is The Arbiter Of Good

Ray Lewis jumped on board the Ray Rice Shame Train and made some comments which would seem reasonable had they not come from a guy everyone believes was involved in a double homicide. Lewis is an exclusive club of dudes who are not only able to get away with murder but also scrub any mention of it from the collective conscience and then get a TV gig and a statue. Its probably those rimmed glasses or some info wars...read more

Ray Lewis Statue Unveiled in Baltimore

Some people think Ray Lewis and the way he kind of took part in a double murder didn't deserve an NFL career, let alone an honorary statue outside the Ravens stadium. Those peoplesimply do not understand how sports work. Hometown fans will forgive a valuable player more sins than his own mother. When Kobe flew back from his rape trial for the Lakers game, fans gave him a standing ovation. People in San Francisco will...read more