Janay Rice Over The Line

Janay Rice did an interview for ESPN's Outside the Lines because they ran out of people to exploit this week and there's a revolving rolodex marked People Who Call Back. Janay repeatedly objected to Ray being called a "Wife beater" because technically he's a fiancee... read more

Ray Rice Is Now A Model Husband

Ray Rice threw a birthday party for his wife and bought her a name brand purse so it looks like everything is fine now. Janay Rice then had the nerve to caption a photo on Instagram with: "I literally have the best husband in the world. He went above and beyond to make... read more

Janay Rice Possibly Just Kinky (VIDEO)

New video of the Ray and Janay Rice elevator brawl appears to show them intimately kissing each other while handcuffed and being escorted out of the casino. I'm not condoning violence against women, but this begs the honest question: What if that's just what they're... read more

Ray Rice's Wife Has Faith

Ray Rice's wife talked to Matt Lauer as he was pretending to pay attention while looking through his Little Black Book of his friend's wives he is going to bang. Janay Rice believes it was divine intervention that led her fiance to pull a King Hippo across her face. "I... read more

Ray Rice Back In the Job Market

An appeals judge ruled that Roger Goodell is a fucking liar and didn't discover any new evidence after first suspending Ray Rice just a couple games then later changing it until the end of time because of public pressure. Rice is now eligible to join whatever team will... read more

Ray Rice Momentarily Accepted

It's hard being a pariah in America these days. Ray Rice is doing all the right things to put the ball back in his court. He's been baptized and limits his booze intake solely to fortified wine. He even takes his sick dog to the vet. That's where he met Rachel, a fine... read more

Ray Rice Praying For Pranksters

Ray Rice and his punch drunk wife let it be known they are praying for the people dressing as abusive Ray Rice for Halloween. Apparently the pair disapproves of those who would make light of domestic violence, as opposed to those who flagrantly traffic in it. What Rice... read more

Claudia Romani Bikini All Fours And Shit Around The Web

Rather than importing Ebola and bauxite, we should think about stepping up the number of foreign girls who crawl on all fours on the beaches of this great country. Ebola, kills. Bauxite, no clue what that is. Hot girls in bikinis with their ass in the air? We have to... read more

Ray Rice Might Play And Shit Around The Web

It looks like Ray Rice's indefinite suspension may not be so indefinite. He may get to play as soon as next month. If you think about it, he's less likely to hit his wife if he gets to spend Sundays with the guys. If you think about it. Read all about Ray Rice's lucky... read more

Ray Rice Claims He Was Mis-Framed

Ray Rice's chief line of defense in appealing his indefinite suspension from the NFL will reportedly be that his World Star Hip Hop Wife Fight was unfairly edited. The video making rounds was released by TMZ, and aside from it sparking an unsolicited meltdown from your... read more

Ray Rice Is All About Sacrifice

Ray Rice has stopped drinking hard liquor after belting his lady unconscious. Rice reportedly still drinks, but just wine, like men of God and the homeless. It's sacrifices like that which make this country great. If you get caught on camera punching your fiancee and... read more

Ray Rice Is Killing Jobs

If you're a public figure and you have something to say about Ray Rice other than 'that motherfucker should hang, peace out', you ought shut the fuck up if you want to keep your job. Ted Robinson, the radio broadcaster for the 49ers and U.S Open tennis guy, is the latest... read more