Oscar Pistorius Had Angry Blue Balls

Reeva Steenkamp's mom wrote a book about her daughter because it's not a tragedy until somebody gets a publishing deal. Mom claims Reeva would not allow Pistorius to have sex with her during the entire time they dated. I actually just assume dating means fucking so now mom's got me confused.These two must have ridden a lot of Ferris wheels and eaten a lot of ice cream. According to Mom, Pistorius was a violent lunatic...read more

Oscar Pistorius Bounces

Cyborg probable murderer Oscar Pistorius was granted permission by a South African judge to travel overseas and compete. You'll recall that the world famous Olympian was accused of shooting his girlfriend.... four times. According to Oscar, he thought she was just a super hot home invasion robber. Oscar was allowed out while his trial was set up but can now pretty much go about his life like before. It just goes to...read more