kim got dumped because of the sex tape

By brendon March 30, 2010 @ 10:32 AM


According to Kim Kardashian, she broke up with Reggie Bush because he wasn’t ready to settle down and get married, but consider this: women are black hearted monsters and they lie.

Kim Kardashian was dumped by Reggie Bush because of her sex tape.
“Reggie’s mom just could not get over the fact that Kim had a sex tape. Reggie and his family are very conservative, and he told Kim that a marriage is never going to happen between them because of the tape.”
Kim is said to regret the video more than ever now as she believes she would still be with Reggie, 25, if it had never been made public.
“She’s still crazy about him. If she didn’t have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush.”

I like Reggie but his mom sounds like a horrible person. She just wants to censor independent filmmakers like Kim, to stop them from expressing their opinion about love. Why don’t you go back to Russia bitch. If a hot girl wants to get naked and film it while she has sex, I may not like it either but her voice has a right to be heard.

(image source = splash news online and wenn)

kim kardashian is dating already

By brendon March 26, 2010 @ 4:41 PM


Back in June someone told me that Reggie Bush was cheating on Kim Kardashian with a receptionist at East Jefferson Hospital in New Orleans, so the new rumor that he slept with a waitress from Red Rock on Sunset sort of fits that same mold. But before anyone starts thinking he’s a prick they should know the reason for him and Kim drifting apart was that he hated always being in the spotlight. All she wanted to do was get her picture taken. All he wanted to do was be with his girlfriend.

Also she can’t be to torn up because she’s already hooking up with someone new, a soccer player named Wayne Bridge. The Sun says…

Bridge, 29, bumped into the busty telly babe in a Miami club’s VIP area (and) the pair have been swapping texts ever since and plan to meet when Kim flies to London next week.
A pal of the Manchester City ace said last night: “They met while Wayne was cheering himself up on a lads’ night out and got on like a house on fire.
“They exchanged texts, have been in touch ever since and will be hooking up when Kim comes to the UK.
“It’s early days but she’s certainly put a smile back on Wayne’s face as she’s great fun and absolutely gorgeous. He’s looking forward to catching up when she’s in town.”

Well it does seem like her type. Another rich and famous athlete. Girls like guys like this because they have lots of power and respect. That’s why I’m building a doomsday device. Being able to wipe certain countries off the map will be nice, but just think of the pussy.

(image source = splash news online)

kim kardashian is single

By brendon March 23, 2010 @ 5:18 PM


Yesterday it was mentioned on here that Kim Kardashian might have broken up with Reggie Bush. And elsewhere it was reported that Reggie will not be a free agent this year and will remain with the Saints at least through 2011. That’s not really relevant to anything but I’m from Louisiana so hell yes. Awesome. Thank God. He’s overpaid but he’s also crazy dangerous with the ball in his hands. Umm … okay what were we talking about?

Sources confirm to E! News that the reality star and her pro footballer boyfriend have split yet again.
Kim’s fame and crazy busy schedule have been an ongoing source of conflict for the couple, who reunited last August after a quick breakup.
Reggie always had trouble with the spotlight, our source tells us.
The couple—who first began dating in 2007—mutually decided to part ways a few days ago and have agreed not to discuss the split in public.

Well I don’t know what that had to do with the Saints running back situation for next year but whatever. It’s still interesting. I’ve been throwing myself at Kim lately and now all of a sudden she breaks up with Reggie. Coincidence? Well, yes, probably, but I still like my chances of having sex with her. Because I have a gun.

thank you kim kardashian

By brendon January 28, 2010 @ 6:45 PM


This year, for the first time in his NFL career, Reggie Bush is playing the kind of football that was expected of him when he came out of USC. And now his team, the New Orleans Saints, are in the Super Bowl.

Also this year, Reggies girlfriend Kim Kardashain went from “very pretty” to “my erection is becoming painful”, as you can see in these pictures from a photo shoot that she put on twitter.

Those two things aren’t coincidence. If I were Reggie I’d want to end the game as quickly as possible too, and go up by 90 points in the first half and then rest up. I don’t care how cool your job is, if you get to go home at night and bang Kim Kardashian, your job is an obstacle that needs to be treated as such. Even if your job was head coach for both teams at the Playmate Blowjob Races, you’d still just look at your watch the entire time.

They’re all whores

By brendon July 30, 2009 @ 7:03 PM


Someone told me last month that Reggie Bush was sleeping with a receptionist at East Jefferson Hospital in New Orleans, but when Us magazine broke the story last week about his break-up with Kim Kardashian, they said…

“Nobody cheated,” a source close to the couple says. “This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions.”

Seems a little defensive. So maybe that hospital receptionist thing was true. Or maybe this Kim and Kanye West thing is true…

“Reggie saw text messages on Kim’s phone from Kanye West and flipped out … they referenced a night they hung out, how much fun he had, how hot Kim was, and more racy things that got Reggie’s imagination running.”

A-Ha! So it was her! It was her and not him! Oh wait no it was also him.

…a sexy Latino model in Miami is claiming she had an affair with Reggie and has been threatening to take her story public to the highest bidding magazine.
The model claimed a months-long affair that included hookups in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami.
Kim was aware of the model’s charges and furious about it.

Wow. Reggie Bush sure is a busy guy. I hope he has time to practice playing football.  Just on talent alone he was able to rush for more yards last year (number 9 on this list) than the guy who was hurt (number 10), and the 38-year-old quarterback (11) and the rookie quarterback who ran for -28 yards during his final two years in college (12) and the wide-receiver (13) and the people who I don’t think actually exist (14, 17, 23-31), but how long can he keep this incredible pace going?

Afternoon Headlines

By brendon June 03, 2009 @ 3:06 PM


KIM KARDASHIAN – is engaged to Reggie Bush, although no date has been set for a wedding.  Saints fans are probably surprised.  If he likes being behind enormous asses this much you’d think he’d wait for his offensive lineman to set their blocks before bolting into the back of them and then falling down. (source = star)

BILL MURRAY – is dangerous.  McG, director of “Terminator 4″ and “Charlies Angles”, said, “I’ve been headbutted by an A-list star. Square in the head. An inch later and my nose would have been obliterated.” He then flat-out said it was Murray, but didn’t seem too upset about it. Being near Cameron Diaz can do that.  No matter how bad you think you may look, you can look at her and feel better about yourself.  (source = the guardian)

TILA TEQUILA – You may have heard the rumor that she’s pregnant.  Just now.  As you read that opening sentence.  But on her blog today she posts a bunch of swimsuit pics to refute that rumor.  And you must admit, she can jump slightly and also sit down.  Case Closed!  (source = tilas hot spot. hq jump = here)