Pamela Anderson Settles For Happiness

There comes a time in every woman's life when she realizes she's no longer going to get six figures to strip for Mexican cartel chiefs and that chunky unemployed BFF might make a solid fall back position. He doesn't bitch about the rashes or having to come saucer you up... read more

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon Divorcing Again

Put me in the camp of hopeless romantics that thought broke Pam Anderson and her second quickie marriage to occasional poker player and sex tape director Rick Salomon was going to work out. Pam even FedExed her kids back from the boarding school they attend 15,000... read more

Pamela Anderson Rides Off Into the Sunset

Zombie attack plans are great. Natural disaster evacuation plans definitely a good idea. But if you want a real measure of safety and you happen to be a former pinup girl, get yourself a post 40-plan and get it now. You don't want to arrive at the age when the world is... read more

Pam Anderson Pleases Men

It's great how two soul mates can get back together after years of being apart and having sex on camera and making babies and contracting diseases from scores of other people and it's like they were never apart at all. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are in Hawaii... read more

Pamela Anderson Makes Great Decisions

Like taking Rick Salomon back into her life. After a couple years dedicated strictly to getting supremely loaded and waking up in strange houses, Pam has reconciled with Rick Salomon, the thrice married, unemployed poker playing rich kid lounge-about  To be fair, one of... read more