Rita Ora Topless for Uncle Terry

By Lex January 29, 2016 @ 11:42 AM

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I can’t remember anything I ever wrote about this person now that I’ve seen her bare tits. Such is the power contained within the naked female body. Didn’t you used to deliver me the wrong mail for two years? Why are you flashing me your…. best post woman ever. It happens just like that. Though what I just described is a federal crime. Still, you can’t look away. Remember when people were protesting Terry Richardson because he liked to slap his cum-laden penis across crying young girls faces in his studio? God, old times are funny.

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Rita Ora And Daisy Lowe In Bikinis In Miami

By Lex December 31, 2015 @ 8:24 AM

Rita Ora And Daisy Lowe Bikinis Together In Miami
British people instinctively find each other when traveling abroad. The tight phalanx formation prevents the sun from breaching their melanin starved skin. Also, they can mention the royals and other people actually seem interested. It’s the same reason they make pedophiles share the same apartment buildings. Sometimes you just need to be around people that get you. Did you ever hear the one about the British chick with the hot ass? No, me either.

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Rita Ora Bikini Nipples

By Lex December 29, 2015 @ 10:28 AM

Rita Ora Bikini Pokies In Miami
I guess this suit looked different in the store when you tried it on. America doesn’t tolerate nipples, you bleached blond Albanian British strumpet. Watch our TV shows. They’re not about the tension between the social classes and they don’t feature milky white tits on semi-attractive women with frizzy hair. This should never happen in Miami. Close down the strip clubs and telemarketing boiler rooms for a day of thoughtful repose. Cocaine for all my Cuban Comfort Girls. Muslims can’t come in but tits can? Who made that rule?

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Rita Ora Seasons Greetings (VIDEO)

By Lex December 18, 2015 @ 9:59 AM

Rita Ora Cleavy Santa For Love
People who bitch about Christmas devolving into a celebration of shopping and anxious consumerism have yet to witness these series of stripper videos set to Yuletide costumery. I can’t remember how many days are in the Advent. Christ only knows. Every famous chick eighteen to thirty is contractually bound to shimmy their tits and ass in one of these Love magazine seasonal videos. Mrs. Claus stopped putting out in the 1600′s and Santa needs a quick pop. Breathe, St. Nick. Naughty eventually circles back to nice right around the taint.

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Rita Ora in A Bikini

By Lex November 18, 2015 @ 9:09 AM

Rita Ora Curvy Bikinis For Self
The Kardashians still blame Rita Ora for breaking Rob Kardashian’s heart and turning him into a fat hapless fuck. This as opposed to driving his father to an early grave and making Rob watch his mom and sisters fuck for money. Or choosing sock designer as his reality show through line. A fragile kid can only take so much emasculation.

She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we are apart? But I mean 20?!!! How can a woman who is so busy trying to start her own career have time to be with so many dudes all while in a relationship?!

I’m no time management expert, but I’d suggest there’s always time for fucking people who don’t cry so much in bed. Something to ponder over a tall bag of Doritos while filling in Lamar bedside on things that have happened since the Bush Administration.

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The Tits Of The VMAs

By Lex August 31, 2015 @ 11:48 AM

Miley Cyrus 2015 MTV VMAS
Nothing says pay no attention to the crappy music in the background like taped up, strung up, and largely revealed tits. Stop looking at my cold sores. Have you seen my tits? Last nights VMAs set a new record for tits. Singers showed off their tits. Actresses showed off their tits. Whatever Chrissy Teigen is showed off her tits. Britney Spears tits were so dominant hardly anybody noticed Kuato emerging from her knees. Who dies next on MTV? Nobody with tits if everything is running smoothly.

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