Crack Loving Mayor Rob Ford Is Dead And Shit Around The Web

Toronto's former mayor Rob Ford is dead from cancer. One would have thought with his love of crack and eating pussy that he would have gone by being stabbed by a prostitute in an alley with a broken bottle. Life is weird. What is it with mayors of shitty cities and... read more

Rob Ford Makes Kids Roll In Goose Shit (VIDEO)

A few years ago Rob Ford was volunteering as assistant coach for a high school football team and according to newly released documents he abused the shit out of them. Another coach testified that Ford would show up hammered and scream and yell at the kids like that drunk... read more

Rob Ford Smoked Crack Again

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has finally announced that he's going to step away from his re-election campaign to seek treatment for substance abuse, after at least two new stories have been published about his hard partying ways. First, the big one, Rob is the subject of a new... read more

Rob Ford Defends Justin Bieber

Toronto's crack smoking and vagina diving mayor Rob Ford defended Justin Bieber on a morning radio show. Ford, who was stripped of a lot of his powers as mayor of Toronto for hitting the pipe and drinking more than even most Canadians, was on the Sports Junkies show in... read more

Mayor Rob Ford Gets Porn Offer

Vivid is big on free publicity by issuing unlikely to be accepted porn offers to people in the news. Any time there's a media circus around some individual, they offer them a million dollars in some played out letter that TMZ turns into a headline with exclamation... read more

Rob Ford Gut Checks Toronto Councilwoman to the Ground (VIDEO)

This is Canada. If you can't handle a fat guy checking you into the boards, you don't belong in politics. Take that, prim and proper old Toronto City Council woman voting to strip Rob Ford of his office powers simply because he likes to drink a little, maybe smoke some... read more

Rob Ford Denies Eating Staffer Pussy (VIDEO)

You know all those jackasses that whine about politicians never telling the truth. You don't want to know the truth, not when it comes to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who just says whatever the hell is on his mind. He could be the first honest politician, or maybe it's just... read more

Toronto Mayor Smoked Crack, But Only Because He Was Drunk

Here's what you do when you're the Mayor and somebody accuses you of smoking crack on a video tape but doesn't have the actual video tape. Deny. Then, when random reporters say they've seen you on the video tape smoking crack, but they won't release the video tape, keep... read more