Robin Thicke Still Diving Into This

I'm told by an anonymous uninformed source that the judge ruled the Marvin Gaye family copyright lawsuit over Blurred Lines toward the family in part simply because Robin Thicke was such an uncontained douchebag in statements and testimony. The decision to award the family millions for Pharrell and Thicke ripping off their dad's song will likely be overturned on legal merit down the line, but the judge just couldn' more

Robin Thicke Drowns His Sorrows in Four Stories of Model Pussy

With divorce papers inked and his ex-wife banging the snot tarp out of her new boyfriend, Robin Thicke chose to drown his sorrows the old-fashioned way, inviting a thong load of hot models back to his place to pull a train with Leonardo DiCaprio. Having Leo to your after hours soiree is a like having a keg at your high school party. It's a signal that you're serious about being blown by a cheerleader before more

Robin Thicke Sucks At Everything

Transcripts from Robin Thicke's deposition in the lawsuit filed by Marvin Gaye's family show Thicke to be a talentless lying scrub. Thicke says he was high on Vicodin and booze and just showed up at the studio to fart up the place while Pharrell and the naked chicks wrote Blurred Lines. This throws Pharrell under the bus for lifting the song and conflicts with an interview Thicke did with GQ: "Pharrell and I were more

Robin Thicke's Apology Record Tanks

Robin Thicke's newest album may havesold zero copies in Australia its opening week. I'm told by industry experts this is not a strong number. The relatively poor sales could be related to the fact that everybody is sick to shit of Robin Thicke. Men used to admire Thicke like men of a previous generation admired Deney Terrio. He just seemed so cool in his tight slacks if you could put aside the nagging feeling that more

BET Lets Robin Thicke Serenade His Black Ex-Wife (VIDEO)

Robin Thicke has spent the better part of the past four months singing love songs to Paula Patton who left him because he dry humped Miley Cyrus on camera then started sleeping with the couple's joint masseuse off camera. There were probably other issues as well, like Robin wearing vests and sunglasses for no obvious reason. Ever since the breakup Robin's been living the extended version of John Cusack in more

Robin Thicke Was Pathetic As Planned (VIDEO)

Ever since Paula Patton dumped his ass for cheating on her after "Blurred Lines" became a huge hit and made him think that he was a god, Robin Thicke has vowed that he'd win his wife back, no matter what it takes. That's why he used the Billboard Music Awards last night as his grand platform to apologize and grovel, as he not only singled her out when he accepted his Best R&B Song award, but he also performed more

Robin Thicke Has A Plan To Get Paula Patton Back

Ever since Paula Patton split from Robin Thicke in February, because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants after the success of that song he ripped off from Marvin Gaye, the singer has vowed to win her back by whining about how much he loves her every time someone points a camera at him. He did it right after the split (above), and now he's going to do it on Sunday in front of a huge audience at the Billboard more

Paula Patton Didn't Like Robin Thicke Twosoming Their Threesome

The sum total of my relationship advice boils down to one simple phrase: fuck one person at a time. Most every cataclysmic death of an intimate relationship occurs because somebody had to start fucking outside the box. You can use all the modern day polyamory mumbo jumbo you want, when knocking boots starts involving more than two people, it's going to end up with somebody crying and talking to a lawyer. Star more

Robin Thicke Wants Paula Patton Back (VIDEO)

Robin Thicke is trying everything he can think of to get Paula Patton to take him back. He's apparently sending thousands of dollars worth of flowers to her house because he saw that work in a movie once. I think it was Pretty Woman and she was a whore. He's also now moping on stage during his concerts, hoping the obese suburban moms that comprise his audience will form a tubby coven and conjure his woman back to more

Miley's Ass Came Between the Thickes

The split between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton began with Miley Cyrus' dry humping antics. Apparently the trouble with the celebrity love birds began at the now notorious VMA performance in which Miley air humped Robin Thicke on stage. You'll recall that she stroked herself with a foam finger while rubbing her spastic twat on Robin's junk. Paula was not having any of that shit and felt humiliated and disrespected more

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton End Their Endless Love

Robin Thicke separated from his wife Paula Patton after 9 years of marriage and being exclusive sweethearts since sophomore year of high school. According to baseless gossip, and a few less baseless photos, Robin has had wandering gonads since hitting it big with his anthem to getting over on girls, Blurred Lines.The reports of his infidelities have been flowing in steadily from various and sundry ladies of more

Robin Thicke Is Smarter Than Your Average LaBeouf

I long ago tired of Robin Thicke and his colorful suits and wispy gait. He's not even gay, he's just affected and annoying. But he's also one of the smarter alleged intellectual property borrowers around. Unlike the picked off scab that is Shia LaBeouf, stealing stupid shit to make even stupider shit to end up making no money, Robin Thicke went out and supposedly borrowed from Marvin Gaye without permission. Then more

Robin Thicke Rewrites History

Robin Thicke, he of Blurred Lines fame, is now saying that his megahit is about his wife. The song and its titty-filled video have been a source of controversy since it came out earlier this summer. The song is kind of creepy. The song tells the tale of an older lech who is trying to seduce a young lady away from her "maker", (whatever the fuck that means). Robin is now claiming that the song isn't an homage to more

Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke Conspired To Shock

Vast sections of the underemployed world are still talking about Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's controversial performance at the VMAs last week. Both of the music artists have played down any notion that their performance was in any way a big deal meant to create huge controversy. "They're overthinking it … You're thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn't even think about it ' more

Robin Thicke Gropes A Fan Backstage At The VMAs

Yeah, that's his hand grabbing her ass caught in the reflection in the mirror. It's good to be king I guess. I thought maybe his wife might get upset, until I saw this picture of her bruised up body from right after the VMAs. Guess daddy doesn't like to be questioned in his house so much. Goose away. Photo Credit: Gettyread more