Robin Williams Turned Down From Harry Potter

According to the Huffington Post, Robin Williams was turned down for a role as a groundskeeper in the Harry Potter franchise because American director Chris Columbus wanted to only hire British people. read more

Barry Norman Seems Like a Dick

Barry Norman just wrote a tribute to Robin Williams in which he bashes the recently dead actor relentlessly. Norman used to host the BBC's Film Programme and is one of the most well known British film critics, a cringeworthy double whammy of pretentiousness. He opted to... read more

Robin Williams' Daughter Quits Twitter

There will never probably come a time when even the naive among us build in an expectation of being trolled on the Internet. Robin Williams daughter Zelda got ripped by a few Twitter and Instagram shorts shitters after Robin's suicide for not having enough photos of her... read more

Robin Williams Checks Out (R.I.P.)

Comedians are always dying slowly on the inside. Sometimes faster on the outside. TMZ is reporting Robin Williams offed himself sometime probably last night in his home in Northern California. Asphyxiation. That's kind of a peaceful way to silence the demons in the head.... read more

Robin Williams is doing a sitcom for CBS

Robin Williams got famous in 1978 playing Mork in 'Mork and Mindy', because there were no DVRs back then and he talked so fast that people didn't have time to realize his "jokes" made no fucking sense. Also there were only three channels, so your entertainment options... read more

Robin Williams can't be stopped

If you enjoy John Wayne impressions or seeing a white guy do a scandalous jive-talkin black guy character, hold on to your funny bones, because according to Entertainment Weekly, "Robin Williams will resume his ‘Weapons of Self-Destruction' stand-up tour, which he had to... read more


Robin Williams – the Clown Prince Of Annoying The Hell Out Of Me – and his wife Marsha Garces Williams announced they were getting divorced on March 26, marking the end of a nearly 19 year marriage.  So yesterday Williams went on a very special Ellen DeGeneres show and... read more