Porn Actors with The AIDS Want You to Be Safe

By Lex September 20, 2013 @ 7:10 PM

The smell of thrice fried mingus has been noticeably absent from the still summer air the past several weeks in Los Angeles as porn filming has been on hiatus since stars Cameron Bay and Rod Daily came back positive on HIV tests. At a press conference held by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an organization with mission of convincing everybody that they will soon have The AIDS ┬ájust like Rock Hudson. Cameron shared how The AIDS dangerous porn sets are, though it turns out she and Rod (and one other unnamed dude) got The AIDS during some extracurricular activities and not during the course of their work. The AIDS activists want to enforce the condom rule on porn sets, despite the fact that actors are now being tested rigorously every 14 days to ensure they aren’t infected.

“Condoms in porn is not really that crazy a thing. If they do care that much about the performers, they would use condoms.” — Rod Daily, speaking on behalf of HIV infected dudes with grand shafts

It’s great how Rod laid out the answer to his question in his own question. Nobody’s boss really gives a shit about them, and porn bosses, even less. You’re a dick, Rod. Literally. There are more dicks. If yours falls off from The AIDS — I think that’s what happens — they find another. They probably even have the legal right to call the next guy Rod Daily again if they want to. You’re not Menudo, you’re just a cute Mexican kid playing in Menudo until you turn sixteen and they send you back to sell orange soda to tourists on the beach. You came up short in the unprotected sex roulette, I’m sorry. Now go home. This is not your Philadelphia Story.