Kevin Gates Schools Some Science (VIDEO)

Rolling Stone's latest exposé is slow drawling rapper Kevin Gates danti-vaccination advice to parent. Gates claims his three year old daughter is a baby genius thanks to never polluting her body with the mercury and used Bazooka chewing gum found commonly in white people conspiracy vaccines. Whether his daughter is smart enough to predict her own death by second grade remains to be seen. Gates has read a whole more

Rolling Stone Rape Retracts

Rolling Stone took great care in its editorial process after its big frat gang rape on UVA campus story published last November turned out to be a shit pail of unchecked facts. They took slightly less care in deciding to print the article in the first place. Nobody wanted to be last with their scathing sexual assault on campus article. That'd look shitty at your SoHo industry mixers. The original article by the trice...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is One Tit Away from Perfection

Almost 238 years after our founding and America is still afraid of tits. I'm not sure what it is about women's breasts that scare the shit out of so many people. Yeah, I was wary of them too until about fourteen when I touched my first and realized they weren't going to send me straight to Beezelbub's cauldron, at least not immediately. At worst, you got a slap across the face. Maybe put in the punishment shed if she...

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Miley Cyrus Strips Down In Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus knows how to commit. For her Rolling Stone interview she got the words 'Rolling Stone' tattooed onto the bottom of her feet. That's so fucking punk. Then taking off her top and grabbing her own tit. I don't know, more fucking punk. Anybody who thought Miley Cyrus was just a manufactured pop music star twerking lyrics to her brilliant music, wake the fuck up. This girl is breaking barriers. She's also...

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