50-Cent Needs to Stop Calling People Thirsty Bitches

By Lex April 25, 2014 @ 4:31 PM

Sally Ferreira Nude And Covered For Smooth Magazine
Everybody wants free speech but nobody quite knows what to do with it. Social media is a modern day marvel of free speech so people mostly use it to share pictures of their lunch or call somebody they don’t know an asshole. I do one of those things. You don’t need to see my cheese sandwich. The courts still haven’t quite figured out what to do when drunk stupid people Tweet out libelous stuff because it’s just so goddamned easy. Courtney Love got cleared of calling her former attorney a whoring hack, because there’s some assumption that drunk social media posting is not supposed to be taken seriously by the readers. 50 Cent just called a an ass-dancing rap video chick a thirsty video bitch claiming she sold photos of a secret video shoot she was in with 50 to the tabloids, also suggesting he was boning her.

“WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video bitch [Her name is Sally Ferreira and she’s a model...] she sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout Saying I’m in a relationship Withher Cananyone say RESHOOT”

MediaTakeOut is that site where you can see lots of secretly shot black celebrity cock and vagina if that’s your thing. I go daily. This Sally Ferreira has now filed a lawsuit claiming 50′s harshly misspelled accusations put in peril three major entertainment jobs she was up for. I think one of the major entertainment jobs was at the Spearmint Rhino, but I can’t be sure, so I won’t say it’s a fact because she seems really fucking litigious. However this important legal case between pimping Mac Daddy takedown artist and skeezing rap video dancer shakes out, I can only hope the judge sentences them both to a remote island where robots will hunt them down, singe them with lasers, then desecrate their bodies according to an anciently programmed Aztec blood letting ritual. Lady Justice would totally watch the vision impaired version of that.

Photo Credit: Smooth Magazine