Scientology Isn't Kidding

Scientology may be based on a series of Roger Ramjet cartoon plots, but they don't fuck around when it comes to protecting the name brand. Within moments of Leah Remini announcing her A&E Scientology documentary series, the Church produced a website to tell the true... read more

Scientologists Really Really Angry

A new documentary called Going Clear is being roundly applauded at the Sundance Film Festival which likely means it's cloying and unwatchable. It spills a bunch of beans about Scientology like how they abuse children and subvert labor laws and hypothesizes Nicole Kidman... read more

Scientology Rights Wrongs

Say what you will about the Church of Scientology being an exploitive cult which engages in blackmail, forced forever labor, and child abuse, because all those things are likely true, but you can't deny they have a solid Public Relations Department. Two Papa John's... read more

Leah Remini Is Writing A Tell-All About Scientology

It seemed like actress Leah Remini was trying to keep out of the spotlight in the wake of her decision to leave the Church of Scientology, and that was probably a good idea unless she wanted to be chained to "Lord Xenu's Radiator of Galactic Peril" on board the SS... read more

Ex-Scientologists Protested At Tom Cruise's Oblivion Premiere

Last year, while he was filming his new sci-fi movie Oblivion, Tom Cruise was in the middle of his divorce from Katie Holmes. But he needed people to remember that no matter what happened with this, his third divorce, he was still a walking, talking boner machine that... read more

Tom Cruise might be leaving Scientology. But why?

This seems unlikely, but Star says Tom Cruise has been distancing himself from Scientology in the wake of his divorce from Katie Holmes and spending more time with non-Scientologist friends because he feels it has hurt him both personally and professionally. "Tom's been... read more

Scientologists think Tom Cruise has telepathic powers

Tom Cruise has reportedly reached such an advanced level in Scientology that he now has power over the physical universe and can bend the wills of men. And also animals. Because religion and Call of Duty work the same way; you achieve and unlock levels. Cruise is at the... read more

Lindsay Lohan is a scientologist now

It was weird when the producer of the John Gotti movie talked about how great Lindsay Lohan was and that he was really excited about hiring her, but then said it wasn't gonna happen, right before it did. Well the National Enquirer says that's because even that shitty... read more

kirstie alley and her new diet might be a scientology trick

Is the new diet company "Organic Liason", the one fronted and partially owned by Kirstie Alley, actually just another secret Scientology fundraiser? Yes. Next Story! Or if you're one of those nerds who likes reading, there's this from the Hollywood Reporter. I only read... read more

monday afternoon headlines

KRISTEN BELL - is engaged, and I'll tell you who the lucky fella is when we come back. And we're back: Dax Shepard. (wonderwall) SCIENTOLOGY - is profiteering in Haiti. "Yeah, no wonder Travolta was over there, haha," Brendon said to buy time while he looked up if... read more

Paul Haggis left Scientology

In 2004, Paul Haggis won Academy Awards as screenwriter and directer of 'Crash' (hard to believe isn't it) but he's worked in Hollywood since the early 80s and been a Scientologist almost as long. Until this weekend at least, when he very publicly quit in a long and... read more

Afternoon Headlines

VICTORIA BECKHAM - was in Denver today to fill in for Paula Abdul on the first day of American Idol auditions. New rumors claim Paula may still return if they pay her 10M. To recap: Paula quit late Tuesday night, and by Friday morning the producers had replaced her with... read more