monday morning headlines

October 26, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

SHAUNA SAND – Put down your coffee and brace yourself, because here comes shocking news: Shauna Sand has decided to stop fighting the release of her sex tape, claiming a lawsuit could be “long and expensive”. Yeah, I got... READ MORE

warning: david. letterman. sex tape.

October 21, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Oh thank god this one is from the National Enquirer. A studio surveillance tape reportedly caught the 62-year-old star and a much-younger female co-worker in a compromising position (The tape could end his marriage and) persuade worried CBS execs... READ MORE

The Lindsay sex tape, part 3

August 27, 2009 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

Lindsay Lohans house was robbed again this past weekend, and new details are coming out claiming the culprit was someone Lindsay knew, someone after something very specific. Detective Freckles is on the case! …that’s how i know it was... READ MORE

A Madonna sex tape is for sale

July 29, 2009 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

Madonna is 50 now and a pale muscly mess, but back in 1992 she was kind of hot, and her body was awesome, so if there has to be a Madonna sex tape, this one comes from the best... READ MORE

See what everyone is talking about

June 19, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

The Leighton Meester sex-tape website is up now with screencaps (full size NSFW here), and it seems legit though I’m not sure who “Leigton” Meester is.  The sample pics are nice but I could have done without the creepy... READ MORE

Leighton Meester has a sex tape

June 19, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl was born in prison while her mom was doing time for drug trafficking (more here), so she’s almost definitely a little bit screwed up, and yet the news of her sex tape hitting the... READ MORE

john and kate plus sex tape

May 8, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

There hasn’t been anything on here yet about the scandal around Jon from “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”, because I have no idea WTF that means.  I know what the words “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” mean individually, but... READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE – the Lindsay sex tape

April 1, 2009 | Photos | editor| 0 Comments

A plan is in place for Lindsay Lohan to release two hardcore sex tapes. She has refused this offer several times already, but competing groups are now driving the price to insane heights.  The producer loaning her the Maserati... READ MORE


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