Tara Reid Shows Off Her Cleavage At Sharknado Premiere

The biggest mistake people make in life is confusing luck with skill. The good corporate folks at SyFy loved the social media attention they got for Sharknado so they decided to air the campy movie in 200 theaters around the country over the weekend. Despite misconstruers of fact like Deadline.com reporting Sharknado in theaters as a big success, the Hollywood Reporter suggested that the film did less than $1000 per...read more

"Sharknado" Sequel Doesn't Want Tara Reid

Production for Sharknado 2 will be underway soon without Tara Reid. The former star will not be rejoining the cast of the movie where sharks fall from the skies even though Ian Ziering will return as hero Finley 'Fin' Shepherd. This in spite of the fact that Tara's character survived the massive shark attack. In the original Sharknado Reid played Ziering's estranged wife and a lot of the movie is spent trying to...read more