Sharon Osborne Tells The View To Go Fuck Itself

By Michael November 07, 2013 @ 2:00 PM

It’s a battle of the old crones after Sharon Osborne told the ladies of The View that they can go fuck themselves. The potty mouthed star most famous for having fucked Ozzy sober for a while, took a swipe at the cackling beasts of The View during an appearance on the Arsenio show. You know, because it’s 1990 and Arsenio Hall has a show again. It’s unclear why Sharon doesn’t like The View…other than it’s The View and it sucks donkey balls. Sharon said of the hosts,

“Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human, I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go f-ck themselves!”

I have to say I agree with Mrs. Osborne’s barely formed opinion on the matter. Jenny McCarthy is a bleached mole on the ass of humanity. Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t been relevant since people even cared to conjecture if she was a lesbian, and I can’t even remember the other hosts, only faintly hear their cackling hen voices. Sure, I could look it up, but I won’t. That’s how much I don’t give a shit about The View. Sharon ought to save her breath for resuscitating her family members.

Thursday Afternoon Headlines

By brendon January 17, 2013 @ 7:27 PM


NICKI MINAJ – called Mariah Carey a “bitch” during last nights premiere of ‘American Idol’. And also before the premiere, after the premiere, and every other time Mariah Careys name has ever come up. (radar)

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT – will film some nude scenes for her show ‘The Client List’ on Lifetime, but it’s pointless because they will then blur everything before the broadcast so you wont actually see her naked. I bet her boyfriend wishes he could do that. (enquirer)

SHARON OSBORNE – started a small fire in her Beverly Hills home last night after falling asleep with some candles burning. Someone should really invent a candle that has a layer of smelling salts like half way down. (tmz)

AL PACINO – will play Joe Paterno in a movie called ‘Happy Valley’ for director Brian DePalma. No word yet on who might be interested in the Jerry Sandusky role, but they should probably be arrested immediately. (huff post)

KATE UPTON – is in a white bikini in the new GQ, but there’s just the one picture, because why would anyone be interested in something like that.