Shia LaBeouf Opts For Probation

How is it possible for someone to be so hardcore on camera and then not jump at the opportunity to attend a correctional vacation instead of a community service type sentencing. I’d imagine someone like Shia LaBeouf to be excited at the idea of playing naked gladiators in... read more

Shia LaBeouf Racist Addict, Proclaims "New Low" In Apology

Shia LaBeouf is the star of his own three-ring circus, and today we're privileged to his humble redemption act. More compelling than his high art act but less amusing than his drunken asshole crowd-pleaser. The real showstopper? Drunken racist asshole. read more

Don Dada of Disorderly Conduct Arrested Again

The score is not so even stevens when it comes to Savannah Police Department and Shia LaBeouf. read more

Shia LaBeouf Booted Drunk From Deli (VIDEO)

Shia LaBeouf was reportedly getting hammered by himself in a Jerry's Deli in the San Fernando Valley, perhaps the most depressing sentence ever written. If you can't find someone to drink with you in your own hometown you know you're a huge liability. read more

Shia LaBeouf Sells One Ticket

Shia LaBeouf's new movie Man Down sold one ticket on its opening night in the UK. The next day it sold two more. If you're doing the math, that's fucked up levels of horrible.  read more

Shia LaBeouf Art Installation Can't Find a Home

Shia LaBeouf's living art project which consisted of a blank white wall and a camera that live streamed Shia and the occasional New York City College lesbian activist chanting "He Will Not Divide Us" has been shut down for the fourth time.  read more

People Don't Like Shia LaBeouf So Much

  If you're a chick who resembles Ted Cruz, you get ten grand to fuck your unemployed boyfriend on camera. If you're a dude who resembles Shia LaBeouf, you get a fist to the face in a subway station. Mario Licato was on his way to a fine arts show as people do in New York... read more

Shia LaBeouf Gets Pissed And Shit Around The Web

Human butt polyp Shia LaBeouf was spotted yelling and getting physical with his girlfriend Mia Goth in Germany. The argument seemed to revolve around her taking his backpack. He later said he would have, "killed her" if he had stayed around, which is both frightening and... read more

Shia LaBeouf Ruins America And Shit Around The Web

Shia LaBeouf once again shamed our nation by acting like a self-absorbed thicket of dick cheese at Mt. Rushmore. He ran around and screamed like a dildo about America in a sarcastic way. I hope the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt skull fucks him to death. Watch Shia do what he... read more

Shia Gets Head Trauma And Shit Around The Web

Public embarrassment Shia LaBeouf had to be rushed to the hospital after getting a massive head wound on set. It's unclear what happened other than everybody who has ever met him was wishing for it. Read all about Shia's latest fuck up. (TMZ) Want to see Nicole... read more

Sia Issues Apology For Her Shia Dance Raping Girl Video

Sia apologized to people who thought her video featuring Shia LaBeouf and a twelve year old chick groping each other was laden with enough pedophiliac content to make the entire sex offender registry collectively cum. I'm not saying it definitely constitutes child porn,... read more

Shia Labeouf Makes A Little Girl Sniff His Fingers (VIDEO)

There's art. And then there's art where Shia LaBeouf is in a cage in nothing but a loin cloth making some girl sniff his fingers. That's the kind of art where people get arrested and even the most progressive minded free speechers say, yeah, that makes sense. In Sia's... read more