Shia LeBeouf Raises the Douche Bar And Shit Around The Web

Douchelord Shia LaBeouf has finally gone too far. He's asked people to come watch him watch ALL of his films. If you can't make it to New York, you can watch him watching through a web cam. He deserves the mother of all wedgies. One that would split him in half. See this ass clown wince at his own shitty performances. (TMZ) Nina Agdal wearing just an arm bra? Delightful. (Last Men On Earth) Gia Ramey Gay wears more

Shia LeBeouf Is a Thief

Shia LeBeouf didn't steal every single original idea in his short film, '', from the graphic novel, 'Justin M. Damiano', by author Daniel Clowes, he was merely inspired by Clowes work: Although, yeah, he did creatively lift entire passages of dialogue and numerous, substantive story sequences without any accreditation whatsoever. However, that is entirely explained by Shia's artistic thirst more

Watch Shia LeBeouf Get It On In "Nymphomaniac" (VIDEO)

The latest trailer for Shia LeBeof's movie Nymphomaniac came out and it has real penis and vagina sex. The film is by Lars Von Trier, the fucked up director of movies like The Antichrist. Have you ever seen that movie? If you like watching Willem Dafoe get jerked off after his balls were smashed by a hammer, I highly recommend it. Now, it's not Shia's actual dick going into Stacy Martin's vagina. They used a more

Beaver Kills Man (VIDEO)

Guys under a certain age probably won't understand this, but there was a time when beavers used to routinely kill men, or at least frustrate them to no end. And it's happening once more as beaver attacks are on the rise. In Russia this past week, a man was killed by a beaver who bit him through his femoral artery whilst on a fishing trip and he bled to death as the beaver stood on and watched with empty more

'Transformers 3' is down 40 percent from '2'

No doubt fueled by it's juvenile cheap shots at Megan Fox (like Shia telling his parents he "moved on to something better" or one of the robots saying his last girlfriend was "mean"), ‘Transformers 3' had the biggest opening day of 2011 and is doing incredibly well by any definition. Unless you compare it to the opening day for ‘Transformers 2', the one with Megan Fox, in which case it's an embarrassing failure. E! more

they fired Megan Fox for this?

Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filmed some scenes for Transformers: Dark of the Moon yesterday, and if this is the girl that's supposed to make us forget about Megan Fox, it's not working. At all. It's like someone took a young Uma Thruman and then punched her in the face. (source = pacific coast news)read more


Shia LeBeouf and Rihanna are apparently dating, and it's no secret at least to the cast and crew of "Indiana Jones 4", in which Shia plays the son of Indiana Jones. “It’s all the talk of the Indiana Jones 4 set,” says one source. And the pair are now taking their relationship public - slowly. Tuesday night, LeBeouf and Rihanna had dinner at Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills.I think this is cool because I bet this is more