Olympic Skier's Tits Cause Riots in Lebanon

I guess showing off your tits in Lebanon is not such a widely approved practice. At least not compared to the nationally approved hobbies of rubble rummaging and talking about how awesome Lebanon used to be. Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun got hit with the old topless photos appearing at an inopportune time when a behind the scenes video of an old Austrian ski calendar shoot appeared online. I guess ski porn is...read more

Holland Throws Big Gay Party for Gay Skater in Sochi (VIDEO)

First, Obama reached into his deep bag of awesome tricks and sent an airplane full of gay ambassadors to gay parachute onto the anti-gay Russian Olympics. Now Holland just threw the biggest gayest party ever for their openly gay speed skater who won the gold medal in the 3,000 meters. Ireen Wust, the Dutch dyke who ironically has never been fingered by a boy, is one of seven openly gay athletes in Sochi. Not to be...

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Russians Kick Off Anti-Gay Olympics By Getting Super Gay (VIDEO)

Video clip: NBC, all rights reserved Those tricky Russians didn't lose the Cold War 55-0 without having a serious bit of strategery on their side. After a long con about how they don't like the gays and they don't want the gays talking to kids and how Moscow does not believe in queer tears, those cagey bastards open up their Winter Olympics with just about the gayest thing ever -- a bunch of police officers singing...

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Everybody's Going to Die at the Winter Olympics

My lack of humanity and black heart make me the last guy to play the role of alarmist, but I'm pretty sure that most everybody in Sochi is going to be wiped out by terrorists. First of all, it's in Russia. Russians laugh at the U.S. when we say we've got terrorism problems here at home. Shit's blowing up in Russia everyday. They are surrounded by states with a large majority of people dedicated to killing them. It...

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