South Park ripped Penn State (video)

'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that one huge advantage animation has over live action is that you can get things done much faster. It lets them be more topical. Like last nights episode about Kenny and Cartman going to a foster home when they did about a dozen Penn State jokes. So I made that video above with a few of them. I didn't do every little one I saw though. What am I, more

South Park made fun of Schwarzenegger

Hopefully Maria Shriver didn't sit down last night to relax and watch some TV, assuming that, as long as she avoided the news, she wouldn't have to hear anymore about her husband and his serial killer-like penis. Because Matt and Trey will sometimes turn in episodes of 'South Park' just hours before they air, and watching Butters mistake her for Skeletor is probably not gonna help her bruised ego any.

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Tuesday headlines, with Miley Cyrus vs. Elaine Benes

MILEY CYRUS - showed what a good dancer she is in concert, but how does she compare to Elaine Benes? The answer is clear: Miley Cyrus is the finest dancer of our generation. (youtube) TREY PARKER AND MATT STONE - created 'South Park' of course, and if you don't know they have a new play on Broadway called 'The Book of Mormon', and today it received 14 Tony nominations, the most of any play. It could be the best thing...

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Thursday morning headlines

JWOWW - has turned down a $400,000 offer to pose naked for Playboy. "I am not going to do Playboy in the near future. There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon." That money is gonna look pretty good a year from now when she's strapped to a spinning wheel of wood while someone throws knives at her. (huff post) DIANNA AGRON - of 'Glee' posted about their sexy GQ photo shoot. "If more

someone (guess who) wanted to murder Matt and Trey

Back in April, ‘South Park' aired a 2 part episode about the Muslim prophet Muhammad, and since that religion is filled with dirty savages whose answer to everything is murder, they threatened to murder Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of 'South Park'. Luckily nothing ever happened, but not for lack of enthusiasm. Yesterday, a man in Virginia pleaded guilty to aiding an Islamic terrorist organization and...

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Snooki was on South Park, has "officially made it."

You'll never see 'South Park' win an Emmy for "Best Comedy", because shows like 'Two and a Half Men' can still be edgy and hilarious without resorting to a bunch of potty language, but last nights episode about Snooki and New Jersey is all anyone is talking about today. Even Snooki, who went on her twitter just after the show and wrote... "snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we've...

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thursday night headlines

MATT AND TREY - say Comedy Central removed a speech about "intimidation and fear" from last nights episode after some dim witted muslims threatened to kill them. The group says South Park insulted their prophet by depicting him in a bear costume. To make matters worse, now a bear group is threatening to eat Matt and Trey for depicting one of them as one of those dirty islam idiots. (yahoo) SANDRA BULLOCK - reportedly...

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comedy central is run by fairies - update

Last night was part 2 of South Parks 200th episode, the one that got them death threats from some pussy Islamic savages. Luckily Matt and Trey don't care if their goofy cartoon show offends anyone, and they don't cave to threats. Unfortunately... Comedy Central suits have admitted to censoring last night's South Park after the show's brain trust was subjected to veiled jihadist threats for the show's depiction of the...

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matt and trey might be killed for showing muhammad

These fuckin savages even posted where Matt and Trey live. Seriously? Is anyone gonna fight back against these animals? Tell them to go fuck themselves? Wait. Sorry. Let's back up a little. Fox News says... A radical Islamic website is warning the creators of "South Park" that they could face violent retribution for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode broadcast on Comedy Central last week....

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with your host, Rick Cartman

The last we saw Chastity Bono, it was using the name Rick Cartman to host the Sexy Action News Team (side-by-side). But last night it made an appearance at the Outfest Film Festival, and I would make fun of it some more, but it has a skinny girlfriend with long hair, and I don't have any girlfriend at all, so who's laughing now. Not my penis, I can promise you that. (image source = wenn) [gallery id="9671"]

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While being held prisoner during his trial for genocide, Saddam Hussein is forced to repeatedly watch himself as the Devil's gay lover in the South Park movie. It may be the first time Hussein has ever seen his cartoon counterpart, since he banned the movie in Iraq for betraying him as a homosexual. South Park creator Matt Stone says: "I have it on pretty good information from the Marines on detail in Iraq that they...

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