Steve Ballmer Apparently Loves Fergie

Remember when nerds were fat dumpy awkward dudes with Aspergers when we still called it spastic? I miss those nerds. Now everybody with a high IQ and a chip on their shoulder from being born without athletic ability is looking to lay waste to the digital landscape. Steve Ballmer seems okay letting his happy out. It's not pretty, but it's genuine. Why not revel in the fact that the modern era allows nerds to more

Steve Ballmer Seems Modest (VIDEO)

Steve Ballmer introduced himself today as the next billionaire owner of the Clippers at the team fan fest, that annual NBA event where you get to see your favorite NBA players sitting in chairs. Ballmer was received with rousing ovation. After Donald Sterling, the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer could've walked in as the new owner and been back-slapped by everybody in Staples. Ballmer is known for being the fat more