Steve Martin a dad for the first time at age 67

By brendon February 13, 2013 @ 4:37 PM


You probably got the gist of this from the headline but Steve Martin, who is 67, had a child for the first time with his wife Anne Stringfield, who is 41. Page Six says…

“They’ve had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows,” a source said. “Steve’s very private.” The source added, “They are thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby.” The couple married in 2007 at Martin’s home in a surprise ceremony where guests, including Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton were told it was a party.

I know it’s not cool but I still like Steve Martin and admire the way he tries to live a normal life. If this “secret baby” story was about some bitch like Jennifer Lopez, the “hard work” would be about the tour or movie the pregnancy interfered with, and the private “ceremony” would have less cake and celebrity guests.

Steve Martin has advice for Eddie Murphy

By brendon September 21, 2011 @ 1:37 PM


Steve Martin went on his website (wait what?) and posted some advice for Eddie Murphy when he hosts the Oscars this year. Some if it is funny (mocking losers), some of it is not (a hanging chad reference?) but at least he tried. Unlike you, who just sat there this whole time. God I hate you so much!

the oscars were almost enjoyable

By brendon February 19, 2010 @ 11:13 AM

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Steve Martin actually did a good job when he hosted the Oscars in 2001 and 2003, and although Alec Baldwin is a dirty god damn hippie, he’s a tremendous actor and entertaining guy. So together they should be fine when they co-host the Academy Awards on March 7th. But the new producers of this years show told NPR this morning that their first choice for a host was Sacha Baron Cohen.

But it was not to be. When they told the Academy, they “swatted it down,” Shankman said. “They thought it was too big of a wild card. They thought it was just too unpredictable.”

Yeah god forbid the Academy Awards be unpredictable. In other words entertaining. What did they really think he was gonna do, bring a pony on stage and slaughter it? Then chew on it’s bones and swim in it’s blood? And even if he did, the kids watching need to grow up someday. Oh stop crying. This is real life.