Celebrity Deathmatch In Vegas, George Foreman vs Steven Seagal

Senior citizen Foreman officially challenged another retiree home resident, Steven Seagal, to a 10 round boxing match in sin city. Because who doesn’t want to see old people beat each other until one party suffers from cardiac arrest.  read more

In Russia, You Punch Steven Seagal

The effeminate running fat karate actor Steven Seagal is making news this week and not because his heart exploded from running to the toilet after a five tin binge on Beefaroni. No, Steven has become latest American shill actor to be used in Russian propaganda against... read more

working for steven seagal is exciting, sexy

Steven Seagal is being sued by Kayden Nguyen, a 23-year-old model who claims Seagal hired her as a personal assistant through an ad on craigslist, but her only real job was to, "serve his strange and sometimes violent sexual desires". Nobody likes a tattle-tale, Kayden.... read more