Suge Knight Could Go Out With A Bang

By Matt September 01, 2014 @ 8:37 AM


Questionable sources claim Suge Knight may have been shot because he was seeking a tell all book deal. Knight apparently scored an advance for a similar book years ago but realized he would have to pull a drive by on his own home were it ever published. He never wrote the memoir but kept the publishing advance because fuck your credit score when you get shot at thrice yearly.

“[Suge Knight's book would] chronicle the inspirational story of Knight’s emergence from the streets of Compton, Calif., to become one of the most significant and controversial personalities in the music industry  and detail Knight’s take on the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, his friendship with John F Kennedy Jr… Incidents involving Snoop Dogg, Vanilla Ice, Dr Dre, Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lozpez, among others.”

I’d read that, even though I suspect he’d forget to mention any details of his five dozen felony offenses. The new date for the publication is probably well into the next millennia after he and generations of his cohorts and enemies have killed each other off, leaving the memoir to be sold in college book stores to trust fund kids with Knight’s poster on their dorm wall.

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Suge Knight Takes All The Bullets, Chris Brown Gets None

By Lex August 25, 2014 @ 6:03 AM

According to Chris Brown’s posse and a number of really stupid hot models, a trained killer opened fire at Brown during his pre-VMA party at the 1OAK Nightclub in L.A.. Brown employed his extraordinary dancing skills to narrowly avoid the bullets which subsequently hit Suge Knight who is too fat to dance. Even though Brown escaped any injuries, his polite social circle were quick to insist the shots were meant for Chris. It’s crazy to think anybody would actually be trying to shoot Suge Knight at a pre-VMA party, even though that same exact thing happened at Kanye’s pre-VMA party in 2005. Suge Knight just got all perturbed at being shot so he staggered out of the club with at least two slugs in his body and headed for his Bentley.

Chris Brown’s boys quickly huddled around Brown and serpentined him back to his brightly colored Lamborghini where he slowly drove away past his former party guests smiling like a man who seems super afraid somebody is trying to kill him.  When Brown got back to his crib and had time to digest the evening’s events, as well as some weed and pussy, he Tweeted out a plea for party common sense:


It’s a pretty common mistake to think your probation hearing judge said you should hang out with ex-cons and felons with guns and drugs and booze at late night raging parties. You should, you shouldn’t. They sound very similar. When Suge Knight wills those bullets out of his body, Chris Brown better hope he had nothing to do with this.