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Sydney Leathers Reveals Bitch Boy

Sydney Leathers, famous for ruining Anthony Weiner's career, has moved on to another target. Leathers was hitting up any media outlet who would listen including high school dispatches to explain she wasinvolved in a dominatrix centered relationship with a politician who liked to be called Bitch Boy. She was being coy and not revealing his name. After many failed to care or were simply showing mild respect for more

Sydney Leathers Back In The Saddle

The dominatrix C-SPAN addict who Anthony Weiner sent his relatively impressive dick pic to is back in the news because we've run out of other shit. Sydney Leathers has apparently been in communication with another politician who refers to himself as Bitch Boy. Their relationship involves the anonymous gentbusting a nut on shit he buys her from Amazon and sending it to her track home in Evansville Indiana. Mow more

Operation Choke Point Is Choking Out Our Porn Stars

Haven't the politicians done enough to poor Sydney Leathers. Not to mention her decent God fearing porn star friends. The government is always up to wacky shenanigans, like most people with lots of free time and money and booze. They invented something called Operation Choke Point, to pressure banks to stop handling transactions for legal, but more edgy businesses. They seemed to be trying to roundabout hamper more

Sydney Leathers Ready to Die For Love of Weiner

Could this Romeo and Juliet story really end any other way? Apparently Sydney Leathers bravado about not caring for that lovable dick-stroking scamp Anthony Weiner was just a cover for her deep and unwavering cyber sex romance. Apparently, somewhere in between getting new tits, working the stripper pole, making a porn, and going on talk shows about what a loser Anthony Weiner was, she was popping pills and more

Sydney Leathers Gets Her Lips Snipped

Sydney Leathers decided to chop up her meat curtains on camera. This is precisely why we need some kind of Logan's Run Carrousel to smoke these fame trolls at the ten to twelve minute mark of fame. I want those crystals in the palm blinking red before Dr. Neal Handel starts taking a little off the top on videotape. Sure, you've got to give some credit to Sydney Leathers; Sharon Obsourne could only lie about more

Sydney Leathers Is Selling Her Leftover Labia

Aspiring porn star and former Anthony Weiner sexting mistress Sydney Leathers is apparently feeling a little bashful these days, as TMZ reports that she is having an expensive labiaplasty procedure done to cut back some of the mud flaps on her money tunnel. By itself, this story isn't even worth mentioning until the operation is over and she starts letting porn stars split her in half, but Sydney is going the more

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Jenna Jameson Headlined The Exxxotica Expo

There was a time when Jenna Jameson was one of the most powerful women in not only the adult film business, but also the entire entertainment industry. Now, though, she's just some lady who fights with her ex-husband over Twitter and shared the bill at the 2013 Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey with Sydney Leathers. The latter was actually on hand to sign autographs, and if you're the type of person who offers more

All the Big Names in Faux Celebrity Sex Tapes Out to Promote Strip Club Opening

As if Backdoor Teen Mom wasn't a powerhouse on her own, Vivid hired Sydney Leathers and Myla Sinaaj for their strip club opening in Miami. You know Sydney Leathers from such accomplishments as crude sexting with Anthony Weiner and nothing else. Myla Sinaaj is the super crazy girl who tried to bang Kris Humphreys when his dick was still fresh with the magic Kardashian smegma so she too could become famous by way more

Sydney Leathers Protests Outside Weiner HQ

Sydney Leathers took time out of her busy schedule to protest one final time at the Weiner campaign headquarters. Staffers inside the offices paid little attention to Sydney as they were busy stealing office supplies from the officially failed campaign as fast as humanly possible. Nobody's felt the pain of the Weiner sexting scandal more than Sydney Leathers who were it not for the randy ex-Congressman could still more

Sydney Leathers Showed Off Her Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

With Anthony Weiner continuing to pour gasoline on the tire fire that is his New York City mayoral campaign, his former online mistress, Sydney Leathers, is still taking drastic steps to help her feel confident in pursuing a career in porn or whatever. Just as she gave her first big interview after outing the man known to her as Carlos Danger to Inside Edition, Sydney has also showed them her new nose job more

Maybe Cameron Bay Didn't Give Sydney Leathers The AIDS

Publicity reps for Sydney Leathers are scrambling to assure the public that Sydney Leathers did not get HIV wile filming her Weiner and Me sex tape for Vivid. A girl's reputation is at stake here. According to her P.R. team, Sydney has been tested for HIV over 975 times both before and after and maybe even during her sex scene and she's come back negative every time for the virus. They even included a picture of more

Sydney Leathers Might Have The AIDS

Whenever anybody in the porn industry comes back positive for an STD, let alone HIV, the whole industry shuts down. It's like airlines grounding all of their 737's when one in service anywhere malfunctions. Because porn stars shoot so often and so prolifically these days, everybody literally fucks everybody so anyone virus positive could infect the entire community in a heartbeat, or cumshot. Porn star Cameron Bay more

Sydney Leathers Made Another Sex Tape

I thought she already made a sex tape, but I guess this is the real real sex tape released today. It certainly looks like sex. As opposed to sexting, which is to sex as watching Food TV is to eating. I don't get it. I'm even hungrier when the show is over. I can't help but feeling this girl is making sex money on Anthony Weiner's back. I guess he'd like that so it's probably okay. If you fall within the 92% of more

Sydney Leathers Went To A Strip Club Last Night

Now that she's got a little extra cash in her pocket from her Vivid porn debut and endorsement deal with iHookup, Carlos Danger's No. 1 destination for dick pics, Sydney Leathers, decided to hit the town in the Big Apple last night. And what better venue for a girl who just became famous for being a politician's sexting partner than the HQ strip club in New York City? It isn't known if she took the stage to show more

Sydney Leathers Signs Huge Deal With iHookup

Carlos Danger's favorite text pal Sydney Leathers has reportedly signed a six-figure deal with sexy app iHookup. You'll recall that Sydney is the slutty slut slut at the center of Anthony Weiner's latest jerkoff scandal. She's already released a porn tape, because of course. iHookup is one of those apps where you meet people to have meaningless monkey sex with in the back of your Ford Torino or whatever. The more