The Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Is Finally Here (VIDEO)

Hollywood seems to be rebooting pretty much every 80's movie at this point. This Pippi Longstocking redux seems to contain a lot more cock than I recall in the first go-round. Also, I don't remember Tami Erin moaning quite so much when being chased by pirates. The actress said at one point she was going to make sure she never let this tape get out to the public. Oops. She also said she was being filmed more

Pippi Longstocking Made A Sex Tape

Tami Erin was the girl who played Pippi Longstocking in the late 80's version of the movie. Unless you were a young girl back then, or a guy who was really into Pet Shop Boys and trying to craft pigtails in the mirror, you probably didn't see it. Now Tami's got a sex tape coming out. Maybe. One's apparently being shopped by her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend or some dude who might've sort of had sex with her on camera. more