Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Is Cheeky

Cheeky. Get it? Fuck you. Somebody has to give that Gaga some loving. Even girls who resemble frightened woodland mammals need a little ass grabbing from a hunky boyfriend like Taylor Kinney. If I were Lady Gaga's boyfriend, I'd constantly be toying with her rear. In fact, I'd tell her that if she truly loved me, she'd never turn around at all. Only I'd figure out a way to make it sound more romantic and less like more

Lady Gaga Says Women Should Submit

Lady Gaga said in a recent interview that not only is she submissive in a relationship but that other women should listen up to their men's commands as well. Gaga has been lauded as a feminist icon by the gay men and obese under 30 women that are her fan base. I'm not exactly sure what she does that's so feminist. I doubt that Gloria Steinem would let someone puke on her titsunless it was an involuntary reaction more