Ted Nugent Alone Figures Shit Out

Gun rights activists are akin to pro-choice activists on the opposite end of the political spectrum. The doomsday rhetoric doesn't really match the practical ease of access on the ground. You can obtain pretty much any non-combat weapon you want in this country whenever... read more

Wait, You Can Pay Ted Nugent To Go Away?

The town of Longview, TX paid Ted Nugent a deer carcass full of money to NOT appear at a city function. The Motor City nut job was scheduled to play Cat Scratch Fever or whatever at the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center during their Fourth of July show. The... read more

Ted Nugent Says Harvey Weinstein Is A Nazi

Ted Nugent shot off his ever open mouth again when he equated Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein with the Nazis. Mind you, Weinstein is Jewish. But that didn't stop Ted from invoking the world's most overused analogy. It all started when Weinstein announced that he was going... read more

President Nugent Would Be Not Boring

Ted Nugent is threatening to run for public office. For those not familiar, Ted Nugent is the lunatic that loves to kill things with simple weapons and may or may not have a feline transmitted skin infection. He also plays music. Ted thinks that he can do a better job... read more

Mrs. Ted Nugent Arrested For Taking Gun Into Airport

Ted Nugent's wife Shemane, (yes, her name is fucking Shemane), was arrested after she brought a gun into an airport terminal in Dallas. Apparently, Mrs. Cat Scratch Fever forgot that you can't take loaded weapons on or near an airplane. The Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport cops... read more