Farrah Abraham Isn’t Welcome Back To Teen Mom

By Travis May 08, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Farrah Abrham with Jamie Kennedy's wax statue

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but I can name two former Teen Mom stars – Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans. We all know the first one because she thinks that she’s a celebrity ever since she faked a sex tape with the most recognized male porn star in the world, and despite claiming that she’s now a good Christian girl, she is releasing a line of smut novels. The other one is an idiot drunk who has been arrested almost as many times as Teen Mom has had seasons, and even though she’s 8 months pregnant, she was spotted in a bar this past weekend. That leaves three other girls that nobody cares about, but apparently they have enough power to make sure MTV never lets Farrah anywhere near them.

According to Us, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood told MTV that they didn’t want Farrah joining them for a fifth season of Teen Mom because she “sets a bad example.” I assume that the MTV exec fell out of his seat laughing before he eventually agreed and then ordered a season of a show that will star Farrah and Jenelle in a competition to see who can blow more guys while pregnant.

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Another Teen Mom Gets Out of Jail

By Lex November 04, 2013 @ 2:53 PM

Amber Portwood Is Released From Jail In Rockville Indiana
Look at your name tag. If you’re on an MTV reality show, you’re probably already dead. Or, if you’re the lucky one, paroled early out of a prison in Indiana like Teen Mom Amber Portwood. Amber was in prison because she chose corrections over court-ordered rehab. Apparently, the snatch tastes less like asparagus in the Big House. Just think of how the other Teen Moms have passed her by with all the fun stuff while she was locked up. Jennelle Evans got busted for heroin and assault, Farrah Abraham made either a million dollars or eleven cents taking a shlong up her pooper on camera. three more baby daddies got thrown in the clink. Amber’s got some making up to do. She did say upon release her first order of business was getting some decent food so she can have an even fatter face by the time of her next arrest.

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the star of ‘Teen Mom’ is in a bikini

By brendon April 06, 2011 @ 5:39 PM

Leilani Dowding

Just to be clear that’s not Jenelle Evans, the star of Teen Mom, in the headline. That’s Page 3 model Leilani Dowding on Miami beach yesterday, about 10 minutes before she finally took off that suffocating bikini top and playfully splashed around in the water (NSFW).

Now prepare for all the happiness Leilani brought to be snuffed out because the star of High School Whore did in fact put on a bikini and go to tropical celebrity hotspot Oak Island, North Carolina today, so I dumped a few of her pictures back here. The star of Will Suck Your Dick Under The Bleachers is so completely ordinary I don’t understand why we’re supposed to play along with this and act like she’s famous. Someone has to draw the line. It would be one thing if the star of Let Some Seniors DP Her At A Party was attractive in any way, but she’s so plain and dull, she inspires such apathy, it’s amazing her image even registers on film.

(image source = inf daily and pacific coast)