Human Pug Calls Sofia Vergara a Bitch

Entitlement attitude will always lead to an argument. No middle aged woman with five pounds of make up on her face has ever been happy for a woman hotter and younger than her. Sofia Vergara vs. Teresa Giudice, round one. read more

Teresa Guidice Has Her Daughter Looking Money

Teresa Guidice and Joe Guidice of the Real Housewives program were granted non-concurrent felony sentences by the judge so that one of the parents might be home during the impressionable years sleaze training of their many daughters. read more

Teresa Giudice Prison Wifing Well

Teresa Giudice capitalized on her less than a year in prison for bankruptcy fraud by writing a tell all book about being the nine-thousandth pudgy Jersey girl in designer jeans to go to prison for grifting. She saw two women fooling around. Also, somebody stole her... read more

Teresa Giudice Hard Time Soft Body

Teresa Guidice is selling her book about hard time in a minimum security Federal penitentiary for eleven months. She found the entire experience exhausting and demeaning to her as a respectable Northern Jersey grifter. The showers were often cold and the mattresses were... read more

Teresa Guidice Memoirs Seem Particularly Shitty

Bravo TV's Teresa Guidice just spent fifteen months in jail for bankruptcy fraud. Her husband is about to do thirty nine months. The judge ordered them to serve stints consecutively so one parent would always be around to guide their young teen daughters into the next... read more

Teresa Giudice Has Been Unleashed And Shit Around The Web

Watch out prostitution whores, greasy tranny Teresa Giudice is out of prison and ready to class up New Jersey again. You'll recall that she was jailed for doing a bunch of illegal financial shit with her thick-necked husband. It's a Christmas miracle for us all! And by... read more

Teresa Giudice Seems Like a Happy Prisoner

Teresa Giudice is on the cover of US Weekly with her smiling family visiting her in prison. They're either putting on a brave face or they're just kind of excited the shower drains at home aren't constantly clogged up for the first time in forever. The story is really... read more

Teresa Giudice An Ideal Mother

Teresa Giudice's daughter Gia posted a photo of the two of them ringing in the holidays before Mom heads to the slammer for fifteen months for fraud. They are wearing coordinated ensembles which were paid for with other people's money. Giudice has reportedly been telling... read more

Teresa Giudice Sues Her Lawyer

Suing your own attorney is an exercise in futility akin to shaving your own balls or cooking your own thai food. You're clearly out of good options. Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey is rolling the dice. She was handed a 15 month prison sentence for... read more

Joe And Teresa Giudice Go To Jail And Shit Around The Web

Reality TV stars Joe and Teresa Giudice are going to jail for tax fraud. Before they are locked up and raped repeatedly by people who don't give a shit so much about you being a Bravo! Housewives star, bright white toothed Andy Cohen is going to interview them and... read more

Teresa and Joe Giudice Seem Less Innocent Now

You can only protest your innocence for so long before the court date arrives and you need to look contrite and beg the judge for leniency as you plead guilty to lying, cheating, and stealing. Joe and Teresa Giudice, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, were facing up... read more

Joe Giudice Might Be Cheating On Horrible Wife Teresa

Soon to be convicted criminal Joe Giudice is apparently cheating on his banshee wife Teresa with some random chick. The greasy fraud was spotted by RadarOnline 30 miles from home having lunch with a woman who was hiding behind a big hat and sunglasses. During the meal he... read more