its the royal wedding can now officially confirm earlier reports that Prince William married Kate Middleton today, in Paris according to my sources, thanks to this exclusive footage of the event. You would have thought someone else would have recorded this, on their phone or something, but as far as I know this is the only video around. (the video in the headline is her entrance to the cathedral and walk down the aisle, more

the Beckhams improved the royal wedding

It's a good thing David and Victoria Beckham were at the royal wedding, because they were basically the most interesting thing there. At least until the reception, when Princess Kate began to have a few doubts. Word is she had a few drinks and grabbed the queens crown. "Loo at me every bdy, I'm kng o th fags! Hahahaha!" she yelled. "Wht? No! YUVE had to mch to drnk. I'm not embarasin, YU'RE embarisin. You and your more

Princess Kates sister has a hot ass

This morning of course was the long awaited royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and like all of you, it really touched my heart. Especially when they showed the tight white dress Kates sister (and Maid of Honor) Pippa wore, and the way it clung to her hot ass. Also when Kate and William stepped out onto the balcony for their first kiss. I thought it was disrespectful though when the crowd more