Miley Cyrus and Family Ruin Knicks Game.

ISIS could take out the court-side seats of any NBA game and we'd have to thank them for the herd culling we're too cowardly to do ourselves. No, you only imagine professional ballplayerswant to high five you after making a shot. Jack Nicholson aside, obviously. His pussy tales alone make him sacrosanct. Miley Cyrus and her mom and older sister and other people she pays for almost ruined the Cavs-Knicks game over more

Tish Cyrus Nipple Was Really the Best

Your daughter's growing out her armpit hair and dating the Geek Squad tranny who came to fix her cable modem, but you know better, don't you, mom?. Social progress memes come and go. A bleached blond MILF's nipples have been attracting attention since the dawn of time. Who's that fool to your right trying to sell the goatee as a plan? Miley got The AIDS award, but you won the evening. New titties at forty-eight is more

Remember When You Wanted to Lick Tish Cyrus' Thighs?

It's definitely possible that the site of Tish Cyrus' ass melting down her legs caused Bret Michaels brain to spontaneously hemorrhage. I myself just shit a raisin that I consumed back in second grade snack period. I can already read the letters from the ladies complaining about me complaining about Tish's gynoid lipodystrophy. But I'm not complaining, I'm perusing, as a man might in a bookstore, an automotive...

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Miley Cyrus Wears Money-Print Mini

Don't be fooled. Miley Cyrus' dress isn't really made out of money. Though she may just have put together the most ingenious stripper dress ever. And given that she's wearing 1's and 5's, just about the most honest dress ever too. Miley didn't even make it to the Trader Joe's parking lots before Maxim named her the Hottest Girl Ever to Wear an Outfit Featuring U.S. Currency. Then they begged her to send them the skirt...

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The Cyrii Are Getting Divorced

I have a theory. You have sex with Brett Michaels and it will kill your marriage. Even if you happen to be married to Bret Michaels. Still, hard to imagine that Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus, the pair who produced such great hits as Miley Cyrus and whatever their other four kids names are that didn't quite make it, are splitting up after such a long run. The divorce should free Billy Ray to focus on new ways to...

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It's Miley Cyrus in a bikini, and yes that's her mom

Miley Cyrus is down in Rio today for her tour, and that can be a wild town so it's a good thing her mom is there to look after her. Except that her mom is the one in the pink bikini with the giant angel wings tatted on her back. You could watch 'Fuck My Mom and Me' 1 - 17 and never find a more irresponsible looking parent. (image source = pacific coast) [gallery...

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would you rather do Miley Cyrus or her mom?

Miley Cyrus and her mom Tish and her little sister the family picture ruiner went to breakfast in Toluca Lake this morning, and her mom kinda looks like porn star Nikki Benz. She's real skinny with big implants and she has tats and toe rings in the shape of a skull. She looks like she'd let you stick it anywhere and call her degrading names. Miley on the other hand looks like she would cry the whole time. So I'd...

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