Tom Sizemore Sued For Allegedly Seducing Child

May 11, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Thank God these generic sexual assault accusations don’t follow the same guidelines of Walmart’s 30 day dissatisfaction policy. Otherwise women wouldn’t be allowed the opportunity to ruin a man’s image after they randomly remember being groped eons ago. Aren’t... READ MORE

Tom Sizemore Axed

August 11, 2016 | Uncategorized | matt-ralston| 0 Comments

Fresh off of running over a stuntman on the set of USA's Shooter, Tom Sizemore has been fired from the show and lost his manager because of domestic violence allegations. READ MORE

Tom Sizemore Loves Heroin, Hates Mexicans

January 22, 2014 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Radar Online has video of Tom Sizemore having a drug feast of heroin and crystal meth and ranting about his hatred for Mexicans. Sizemore, who was in all those really violent movies in the 90’s, has a history of being a... READ MORE