Tommy Lee Is Getting Married For The Fourth Time

They say the fourth time's the charm when it comes to aging rock stars pitifully clinging to their youth looking for a lifetime of love and happiness. With failed marriages to Elaine Bergen, Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson under his spiked leather belt, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is now settling down with his longtime girlfriend Sofia Toufa. To prove that he's really serious about making this one last, more


X17 Online has some pictures of Tommy Lee and a girl who is almost certainly Jessica Kramer, who was made famous last week and now is the undisputed funnest girl in the world. She’s has huge boobs and she’s not afraid to use them. Last week she said she was a little freaked out by her sudden notoriety. So this probably won't help. If Jessica is having a hard time, I'd like to mention that my semen is said to more


Tommy Lee and Kid Rock got into a shoving match last night at the MTV Video Awards. Both, of course, were married at one point to Pam Anderson, but it's not known what caused the confrontation. Access Hollywood says: "According to a source who witnessed the event, Tommy Lee was sitting with magician Criss Angel. The two went over to see Diddy who was sitting in close proximity to Kid Rock. At some point after more


Tommy Lee reportedly had sex on a banquette table in front of a room full of people at the Dune bar in the Hamptons Sunday night. Page Six says: Lee's raunchy bar behavior grossed out a room full of revelers when the Motley Crue drummer and a blond party girl "were flat-out fucking" on a banquette, according to multiple witnesses. One told us, "When Tommy walked in, he asked, 'Is it cool to have sex in here?' more