Robert Pattinson says he would hate Twilight too

You're not alone if you hate the 'Twilight' movies even though you've never seen them, because Robert Pattinson says he probably would too. "I am a judgmental and cynical person who would just mindlessly hate it, without ever having seen anything." As he should. There's... read more

Lauren Pope knows how to dress

Lauren Pope of the UK reality show 'The Only Way Is Essex' added some much needed class and sophistication to the London premiere of 'Twilight' last night, thanks to this elegant dress. I heard one girl say her dress looks like a Mexican poncho made out of polyester with... read more

Kristen Stewart was "sexy"

The tabloids are losing their mind today because Kristen Stewart, who is plain and ordinary in every way, wore this dress with a slit up the side at the 'Twilight' premiere last night. Unfortunately she's so awkward and boyish that she stood there with her leg at a 30... read more

Jennifer Love Hewitt isnt fooling anyone

I don't know how this works because women's bodies are a baffling mystery, but Jennifer Love Hewitts tits are half the size they used to be while her ass has at least doubled. And instead of working out and getting implants before going to last nights Hollywood premiere... read more

dorks are already lining up for 'Twilight'

Today is Thursday, and over 300 people are already lined up to see the stars at the premiere of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1'. Which is on Monday. Not only that, but over 1,300 of the showings on November 18th, the day the movie opens, have already sold out and an... read more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

CONAN O'BRIEN - brought in 4.2 million viewers last night for the premiere of his TBS show, easily defeating Leno (3.5 million) and Letterman (3.4 million). And he showed how they plan to keep using old characters like the Masturbating Bear while getting around NBC's... read more

thursday morning headlines

OPRAH WINFREY - is an idiot. She tried to wipe the birthmark off Drew Brees' face, saying she thought it was lipstick. More likely she thought it was chocolate. He's lucky she didn't bite him. (wonderwall) KRISTIN CAVALLARI - was scouring Miami last week looking for... read more

'twilight' is complicated

A new clip from ‘Twilight: New Moon' went live on iTunes today, and … umm ... what happened? Am I thinking of something else? Wasn't this about vampires? Are we starting over? I'm not gonna watch it either way so they can be wolves now if they want, but since when are... read more

Robert Pattinson is very popular

These pictures of Robert Pattinson, getting mobbed by fans on the streets of NYC on the way to the set of Remember Me, sure do bring back memories. I've been in the middle of this same kind of thing. And by that I mean I was one of the ones mobbing him. I was hoping to... read more